Are there incentives for rent in adjacent countries?

In Lithuania, the non-profit organizations have no benefits in comparison with other organizations when renting premises. But the legislation encourages taxpayers — personal and corporate support civilian society, every taxpayer may designate 2% of own taxes to finance at least some non-governmental organizations, educational or medical institution.
In Ukraine, non-profit organizations also do not have legislated benefits when renting premises. There is a small list of organizations such as the Organization of Former Political Prisoners, which has such benefits in accordance with a special presidential decree.
Until the past year has been the practice in Ukraine (but not law), according to which local authorities handed over communal property rental organizations at discounted prices. It is, but often led to abuses, and in the past was passed a law whereby communal property for rent only at market prices. In some towns, for example in Lviv city authorities partly compensate those rents public organizations, the existence and activities which particularly interested the city.

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