Arrested created books about disaster Drazhna

"After the installation of the Cross" in memory of the victims of atrocities Russian partisans "in the village Drazhna Hursika called for work and home, and not so long ago sent a summons to the tribunal. He consulted with lawyers and went to the tribunal in old roads.
Now about 11 hours, he told me that he was sentenced to 15 days and handcuffed. I even heard the clang of the cell door, "- said" Freedom "Minsk historian Evgeny Onishchenko, who last spoke with the sovereign Hursika by phone.
Earlier this case 15 days served democracy activistSiuchyk. Cross was dismantled by order local authorities.
"On April 19, we have established the village Drazhna Euphrosyne cross in memory of the 25 Belarusians, tortured Russian partisans. They were peaceful inhabitants, ladies, kids. Were burned 37 homes. Walked in 1943. Guerrillas are not easily destroyed, they tortured them before ruin. buried them in the local cemetery here with them installed and cross. There was inscription on the disaster, which has already gone through one day, and a day or two later destroyed and the cross "- told Siuchyk.
According to Onishchenko, presently obliged to hide priest Leonid Akulovich, who consecrated the cross.
"This attempt to commemorate the victims of the guerrilla does not fit into modern ideas of the authorities on the history of the last war, because they decided to deal with the cross, and with those who put him and the creator of the book," — said the emperor Onishchenko.

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