Autonomous towed howitzer ATHOS 2052

Autonomous towed howitzer ATHOS 2052
Upcoming development 155mm howitzers family company Soltam Systems (now part of Elbit Systems) became a 155-mm towed howitzer autonomous ATHOS 2052 (the last two numbers indicate the length of the barrel 52 in calibers). Howitzer ATHOS 2052 represents a new generation of autonomous, towed artillery. It is designed to support artillery fire indirect fire maneuver forces battalion and divisional levels.

ATHOS 2052 is mounted on a towed carriage, ensure its delivery to the battlefield. In the area of ​​deployment howitzer able to maneuver without the aid of others, using its own diesel engine and special hydraulic drive wheels. Hydraulic system makes it easy to deploy howitzer using hydraulic jacks and auxiliary wheels. It is armed with ammunition loader. Within minutes ATHOS 2052 is capable of without the help of others to leave their positions and the latest to be deployed position a few meters from the preceding acres. To control howitzer need payment from 4 to 6 people. When deploying howitzers not used physical force.

Implementation of the barrel caliber 155 mm and length of 52 caliber can achieve maximum firing range of 41 km with standard ammunition and NATO, including shells ERFB / BB weighing 48 kg with a charge of 11 or modular charges. Howitzer armed autonomous navigation and positioning system, ballistic computer and modern digital communications equipment, allowing to obtain coordinates of the target and provide and accurate fire support. Howitzer is capable of receiving the digital data on the target designation specifically from forward observers or from remote systems detect targets such as UAVs and thus prepare themselves for firing. Hydraulic actuators are used for vertical pointing guns and yokes, and they can be absolutely subordinated to a computer for automatic aiming howitzer.

Two 12-volt batteries and provide power needed to supply different electrical devices also allow the use of electro-pump for quiet operation. During operation of the diesel engine powered by the generator it also is recharged batteries.

ATHOS 2052 armed with automatic aiming built with a completely computerized system that provides automatic, accurate navigation and target designation.

Autonomous towed howitzer ATHOS 2052

Standard equipment ATHOS 2052 contains a hydraulic generator, a GPS receiver and bortovik fire control. To determine the initial velocity of the projectile on the trunk can be installed radar transmitting data to the fire control system. As reported, the weight ATHOS 2052 is about 13,000 kg.

Howitzer ATHOS 2052 successfully graduated series of desert and mountain tests in India in the year 2003. Along with her (2002-2007 gg.). Indian army carried out comparative tests 155-mm/52 towed howitzer FH-77BO5L52 BAE Systems / SWS Defence. Without looking at a sample of French and Singaporean manufacturers Nexter Systems and ST Kinetics, respectively India they are not even included in the list of subjects. At the end of 2002, India leaned toward the purchase of a towed howitzer FH-77BO5L52, and in November of 2004, made a choice in favor of FH-77BO5L52 based on a number of characteristics including the properties and reliability (the amount of paint falling off from the trunk during continuous shooting! ). Yet ultimately the Ministry of Defence of India refused to buy this howitzer and required to conduct additional tests to the role of ST Kinetics.

In February of 2013 Elbit Systems said on the development of a joint venture with the Indian company Bharat Forge Limited (part of the personal concern of Indian Kalyani Group). The aim was to create a joint venture artillery systems based on the Israeli 155-mm howitzers Soltam, other artillery systems for the armed forces of India. Yet in September of 2013 the Indian Council for Promoting foreign investment has not given permission to create a joint venture. The reasons for such failure is not reported, but usually such failures associated with lack of transparency in the structure of the new joint venture (the list of foreign shareholders, management, etc.)

Also offered on the market configuration 155 mm/52 caliber howitzer ATHOS 2052 also represented in other other configurations and 155-mm/39 155-m/45 calibers. Today announces that the development of howitzers and its preparation for small-scale production.

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