Ballad song: prosperity or crisis?

"With the parent disk" — under such title was released a new song album Bard Ales Kamotskii. It consists of a Russian time of favorite songs, and performed perastvoranyh Belarusian. "The Raven", "old maple", "Lonely accordion" and Belarusian sound can cause cognitive and nostalgic feelings davneshnih times. Why handy old Russian songs in modern Belarus — this recognizable artist told in "Free studio."
"We lived in an atmosphere where Russian songs sway, they have deep in the subconscious, and from there you can not throw"
Michas Scoble"Alexander, first congratulations on the new album. I understand that the creator should always be sudden … And yet, what prompted you to peraspevu of old Russian songs?"
Ales Kamotskii"Hard to say what prompted.’s Coveted — and did. I reached such an age where I can afford to make such a. Everything happened very suddenly somehow.
I thought a lot of their future album, I was more conceptual choices, but not on any braked. And then suddenly caught a himself on the fact that my head spins "Shumel Cane" … Belarusian. I laughed itself, but the song is haunted. And I began quietly to himself to translate these old songs. A parallel thought, as they go into one coherent album.
You know, what’s wrong? Once we were so deep into the subconscious drove these songs that they did not throw out. We grew up singing what we liked, and they sounded everywhere! The same "old maple" … Listen you do not listen to it either, but I still know. We lived in an atmosphere where these songs dominated. And many of them, for example, "Friendship", I really liked. Well, at the moment I enjoy. "
"On farms and Zaslonova I do not like to sing"
Scoble"I’m here trying to at least one similar case. Seems famous" Bialowieza Forest "translated into Belarusian Rostislav Zavistovich and rival" Pesniary "in the performance was Danchyk … How do you let a huge difference for himself in the translation-peraspeve if we compare the original? "
Kamotskii"In music, in fact there is no deviation. Lyrically, then from time to time I simply copied, made a new text on the previous motif. Since davneshnie songs, not all of them today sounds burning. Confess that I tried very hard not dapilnovvatstsa what, bukovkoy, but the spirit, mood tried to transfer correctly. And to keep the mood was obliged from time to time to write a new text. example, if the song spyavalasya of cabbage, and I came out — about the cherries, then in principle it the same.
Or take the famous post-war song "Flying migratory birds …" In the text there: "When I walked halfway around the world, Chagall with rifle in hand …" The hero with a gun get halfway around the world, summing over homeland. Modern listener it may be unclear. Now however, the war, when there is, it is constantly with us, no need to go anywhere. ‘Cause I wrote because I felt a sense of the man: "Lazur autumn skies, / Air a day or transparent / Flying migratory birds / warmer sun catch. / And I’m staying on the ground / Expect cold and snow / In their own native Belarus, / Where every corner of the road. / Rastan sosuli parting, / shatter old sorrow, / Ages considered not stick / Cuckoo in a greenish forest. "
Scoble"Why do not you absuchasniv old Belarusian songs? For example," The Song of Constantine Zaslonova ", or -" Be healthy, live well … "Neuzh something for you Belarusian Russian songs just do not like?"
Kamotskii"Why do not you like them? Just I mean Zaslonova th farms do not like to sing. Favourites completely different songs. And I do what I like. And if you take an old Belarusian songs, then I, for example, like" Towels ". This song — timeless. How, by the way, the same "Friendship" and "old maple tree."
"Economic crisis takes place, there is a political crisis, a crisis of Belarusian songs — no"
Scoble"Now for many different reasons and there is a crisis of Belarusian songs. Example, on the official website of the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union (a modern substitute for the former Komsomol) — Russian songs without any alterations: and" My adresok — Russian Alliance "and" Song about BAM. "How do you think, can these songs become popular again?"
Kamotskii"In 1-x, the same river, as you know, can not escape twice. Me completely not interested in the Komsomol, or his successor or successors. I’m not interested, what songs they sing or promoting. They are alone for themselves, I — in itself for itself.
In-2, there is no crisis Belarusian song I do not see. On the contrary, now is a lot of new good-quality products. Another thing is that I can not hear them on the radio and television. But the crisis is no song. Economic crisis takes place. Political crisis there. But they do not have a case for song culture. Belarusian songs is now as much as ever was! A huge number of creators twenties appeared! They write unprofitable Belarusian songs, unprofitable. And they do it! "
Scoble"And where they can be heard? Earlier occurred bard festivals, and now they can not hear about."
Kamotskii"Look into the web — there are times in the day you can find information about a Belarusian celebration, where young people and acts. Certainly every week such attacks occur. And festivals are held, both here and abroad. Example, once a year we go to Bielsko Podlaski under Bialystok, there occur Belarusian festival of art song. At this year’s festival "Golden chord", which will be in St. Petersburg, will go to two of our Belarusian-artists — Alexander Zaitsev and Katya Vodonosova. This is a very professional and beautiful people. And well, that Petrograders hear our songs. So everything moves, everything lives. "
"Spectators my book" 48 "involuntarily converted to readers"
Scoble"Last year you released his collection of poetry under the" digital "title" 48. "Verses there interspersed with colorful art photo Vadim Grudka. Are not you afraid that the reader can not help books reincarnated as a spectator?"
Kamotskii"I am not afraid that the reader will turn into the viewer and the viewer — the reader. Why can not assume that someone who draw pictures, and want to read poetry? Just need to give poetry respectful.
In the past year, I have two books — one in publishing "Radiola-plus" and the second — in the "Fiction". When I was offered the municipal publishing it can attract attention, I do not believe it. Nobody has ever represented me, I must plead for it himself. And here offered and issued. Thank you for "Fiction"! But they print upadbor poems, one by one. A poetry must be treated with more respect. Poem — is a single phenomenon. Because in my second book to every verse adjusted accordingly picture myself picking up the mood, on color. And there seems to be visible and respect the publisher and the creator (or even 2-) to each write a poem. "
"Friendship with Gregory Baradulin — a huge event in my life"
Scoble"I remember your song cycle on poems by Gregory Baradulin entitled" Star of compassion. "There’s a totally different Baradulin not like himself — no former or later. Apparently, these works he wrote specifically for implementing Kamotskii. And who would you wish to collaborate more productively as well as with Baradulin? "
Kamotskii"This" coincidence Thread "Technically speaking, that came at us with Baradulin, it happens very rarely. This happiness, if it happens in general. Here I estimate: it seems that twelve years have passed since that time, as we have something together star
ted doing. And now we almost every day we meet, if not met, time-necessarily call up. Again, this is happiness, when there is a match with another person. Hardly I have something similar could happen again with another poet. forever I still have enough of the emotions that were with me when all this was written. friendship with Baradulin — a huge event in my life. Such understanding — this is happiness. And I had it. "
"My work is not worth a penny, and from time to time people understand it"
Scoble"You have many years free painter nor constant work or services do not have. How often to you have to act, and whether enough for some fees prazhytstse?"
Kamotskii"To act falls on a variety of criteria. Happens, free of charge. Bit far not everyone who wants to listen to me, to pay. And if you are invited to spend a wedding general, I would not go even for funds. Lot of things I napradukavana — books discs. After the concert, people are willing to acquire them. It somehow compensates fee. True, it happens comfortably people understand that my work is not worth a penny. And if you can pay, I will not refuse. So somehow live . " Tags: Kamotskii, parent, with 48 discs

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