Baltic Fleet frigates for why they should be and will be more

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Russian Navy frigate's fourth project 11356 ("Admiral Butakov") sounded important news that can not be ignored. It concerns the renovation of the fleet of combat.

Series of Project 11356 frigates for the Russian Navy will be increased. This was announced by a senior official of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Jacob Berezhnoj: "There are plans to lay here in the Kaliningrad factory" Amber ", in addition to the six frigates of this project are three of the same ship." 

That is, in the near future can not be built six, and nine of these ships. And really soon. Frigates of this project utilized a series for the Indian customer and can be built with a good pace (around the ship in the year). Also very fast they are put into operation? the whole process of retrofitting, testing, and debugging of systems and perfectly mastered on Indian ships. Six units for the Indian Navy was practically "baked like hot cakes." And today we have a serial ship, which is so necessary to upgrade the combat strength is our fleet.

We have previously written about the frigates of Project 11356. It's a ship of average displacement, formally continues the series of Soviet patrol boats. However, he is able to operate in both the near and long-range maritime zone (defined by a range of shore-based aircraft) and in the oceans. In the words of the chief designer of the project 11356 North PKB Peter Vasiliev: "… These frigates have been tested by our Indian friends, they made the transition across the Atlantic, Pacific, and proved its viability and reliability of sea and ocean waters."

In addition, the composition of Project 11356 frigates weapons are far superior Soviet patrol. They are fairly balanced set of weapons and allows you to effectively combat both surface ships and submarines, to repel the attacks of air attack. By arming them should be compared with the Soviet destroyers of project 956 ('the Buzzard'? Cipher on the name of the project, or "Modern"? Destroyer on the head in this series). Yielding the latest in artillery (two double-barrel 130-mm setting to "buzzard" against one 100-mm on the project 11356), they are superior in offensive destroyers and anti-submarine weaponry. And they are at least equal to the zenith (the same missile system "Hurricane" and more advanced missile and gun system short-range). Project 11356 frigates are eight anti-ship missile complex "Caliber-NK» (Club-N) and "Onyx" ("Yakhont", "BrahMos"). Both complexes are superior to missiles "Mosquito", who are destroyers of project 956.

A set of "Movement" to the same universal Target? in the ammunition can include both anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine raketotorpedy, depending on the mission. If necessary, the frigate can accept and launch of the program designed for attacks on shore targets. However, the standard ammunition, limited eight-cell launchers, making it possible to use only a point on the shore.

Thus, by 2020 we can get nine quite modern and versatile ships. And the first ("Admiral Grigorovich") may be admitted to the Navy early next year. Its launch is expected a few days ago, and planned for the fall mooring trials.

Yet it should be noted that three of the first ship of this series will be part of the Red Banner Black Sea Fleet, and the next three will remain in the Baltic. Previously, all six frigates planned to transfer Black Sea Fleet. As said at the groundbreaking ceremony Jacob Berezhnoj: "The first three frigates will go to serve the Black Sea Fleet, the second is likely to remain on the shores of the Baltic."

This decision is likely to be associated with an increase in the series to nine combat units. It should be assumed to be correct, and here's why. Currently twice the Baltic Fleet is an urgent need to upgrade its combat strength. And if the action itself in the Baltic Sea will be enough already included in the composition, and only built corvettes (patrol boats) 20380, is to ensure and strengthen diverse groups of ships operating in the Atlantic, you need something more serious. Currently, patrol ships of the Baltic Fleet, "Fearless" and "Yaroslav the Wise"? perhaps the most popular in a variety of sea and ocean expeditions ships. They are close to the class of frigates of Project 11356, actually being their predecessors (more on that here). And to strengthen the Baltic Fleet ships like a must.

Currently, the combined forces of NATO are considering the development of their forces in the Baltic sector as a priority. It is bordered by Russia directly with the states? NATO members, not having "buffer zones", which were created under Joseph Stalin as a prerequisite for strategic security. In these circumstances, as a "buffer" that could meet the enemy at a distance from their own borders, we can only rely on the fleet. NATO has superior forces in the Baltic Sea. However, land and air component of the power of NATO in the region is highly dependent on sea and air supply through the Baltic waters. And the Baltic Fleet to reinforce that it is capable of, if not prevent, or at least tie down NATO's actions in the Baltic Sea.

Perhaps this is not love Russophobian of the population of the Baltic states, which so constantly insists on the "Russian threat." However, the direction of the threat? just the opposite. We just have to respond to threats, right up close to our borders. And Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have to understand that the only purpose for which they have taken the country in the North Atlantic military alliance? is a need for a strategic bridgehead at the borders of Russia. Well, a little too much "cannon fodder".

Russia will restore its military potential, including the Baltic Sea. A Baltic instead of "security", which promises to local politicians to explain to their residents to join NATO, acquires the status of forward line of aggressive military bloc. With all the ensuing consequences. Would be neutral? would feel calmer.

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