Bane of my brother — on the conscience of Russian partisans

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Belarus — another school reform. 12-year secondary education will be reduced by one year. Comment listener:
Man: "Good day. Who decade for education, who for eleven year old. Amazes me and disappointing that no one spoke against the land of education. School — is" chemistry. "Only" chemists "free day, a night in the clink. Schoolchildren in front" .
In subsequent call — the expression in the address government and opposition:
Man: "If you do the disassembly of materials between the leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front, it is not very promotes himself front and that somehow offend the Belarusian people. Managers need to think, that these ambitions did not go to the wide world. And when they leave, then you need to correctly read why and how. And that goes all it is very ugly. "
Man: "What about the opposition. Lukashenko may be given and power, but looks that some. Example, abolished the benefits — all are silent, the monument was moved — too. Do not be surprised if he OMON own right in to these favorites guarded."
Man: "It is true Kozulin said that the U.S. should not coddle these Lukashenko. Supporter of democracy and I wish that the Lukashenko regime, likely, was overthrown. "
Man: "Alexander G. proud siblings, own a little bit of, especially small four-Coley. Knows go grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. Here, drink a glass and pour more. And be ready to history. Come dynasty for many years. "
Next listener asks:
Man: "I would like to know where is currently working past chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko also find out a little about the background of the new manager of the BHC."
Protko meet Tatiana and Oleg Gulak:
Tatiana Protko: "I am writing books, preparing articles. And generally think about what’s happening at the moment in the world. It is very useful to take a break, because we constantly run and do not have time to look, who we are, who are around us. That’s it for now and do. "
Hulak: "I was born in 1967, and in 1989 graduated from the Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University, 1996 — to the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, within 10 years was executive director. Married, has a daughter. "
Terminating the expression of female students on the theme of previous programs of Radio Liberty:
Lady: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom ", I wish to add to the transfer of guerrilla atrocities. I told my mother, who lived while in Dokshitsy area Yudenak Sofia Petrovna as Russian partisans pregnant her against the wall and shot over his head. So she gave a meat grinder. And later she gave birth to a boy, whose body was chernenky, and the day after he died. I think the death of my brother on the conscience of Russian partisans. "

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