Bane plumber

Municipal enterprise "Gomelvodokanal" scandalous statue dismantled "plumber", which the city authorities set today at spring street Malaychuka — at the office of the enterprise.
Gomel bronze plumbers was quite copied from Bratislava. Moreover, exactly the same "plumber" set to the same in Bobruisk.
And Gomel, Bobruisk and statues were made at one plant — plant "Centrolit" in Gomel. Involved in the manufacturing and local ceramist Vladimir Andrianov.
If confusion manifested, director "Gomelvodokanal" Anatoly Tynyanka argued that the statue "plumbers" — is his personal thought. On Slovak plumber Tipo he had not heard.
In this case, what was to dismantle the statue?
Director Tynyanka read at the moment on the subject refuses to:
"I do not need to call on these issues."
Are independent media have said that to deal with plagiarism administration "Gomelvodokanal" was because the address on her letter came from Slovakia lawyer architect Victor Gulick. Master Sylvia Maravchykava wrote that the architect outraged brash theft. The lawyer claimed not only to dismantle the statue, and offer the option of non-pecuniary damage architect Gulick. In the unlikely event architect and lawyer threatened to appeal to the court for the protection of authors’ rights.

Bratislava "plumbers"And it threatens "Gomelvodokanal" a fine of 825 thousand dollars.
Minsk architect Vladimir Zhbanov So plagiarism incident commented:
"The main thing in Bobruisk have to remove the statue.’s One thing — the author’s hand. But some people its fascinating attractions where they were. Clearly, there is still one Eiffel Tower, and Liberty sculpture. But nobody advertises no shows. worth somewhere that sculpture in North America, and the tower is worth somewhere in Paris in the backyard. And nobody purposely not pull on people. This — interested the author’s hand. A theft — whom he be pleased? "

Trot on arrival in Gomel by Rechitsy
Recognizable in Gomel architect Dmitri Popov said: embarrassment suffered as monumental statues decorate the city often do not trust expertly prepared the people:
"The problem is that now the statue taken by anyone who is not lazy — totally unprofessional people. All are taken for the statue. Realized that this plyastytsy can earn something. Just look at our Russian region — how many nonsense to urge ! Upon arrival in the city put up a sign — Trot. She looks like a dog! remove recommendations. But in the area has been managing the administration, which has done everything that he wishes. "

Coloured statue ThumbelinaMonumental absurdity found in every corner of town. At the Agricultural Institute made of concrete alyapavatuyu song "Thumbelina." Color!
Spring on the main avenue communal inaugurated the statue "The Janitor" — a woman with a broom looks in the mirror. Heavy memory reserves statue.
By the way, "Gomelvodokanal" in place of the dismantled "plumber" decided to put another special article. It would be — kept secret.

Bobruisk "plumbers"Now Bobruisk listener "Freedom" Ales Chyhir visited the local "plumbers". Copy-plagiarism as before is nearby administrative building of "Water" at the intersection of the name of the Russian generals and Bahareva Rokossovskogo.
As explained by the director of Bobruisk "Water" Oleg Titov, until he received any order or directions authorities to demolish the statue. The director also explained to that statue purchased in August in Gomel factory "Centrolit."

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