Be2gether: Again, we jointly

Last year, on the border with Belarus outdoor music festival was excellent "Be2gether", which brought together more than 30 music companies in the world known. On the level of the festival is evidenced by the fact that it was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Petras Vaitiekunas, salting Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas, the head of the diplomatic consulates of Sweden Stefan Eriksson, salting Belarus to Lithuania Vladimir Drazin.

The castle — ghosts! At 30 meters, you can overdo it

Organizer of the festival — the Lithuanian businessman, the owner of the castle Narviliskaga Giedrius Klimkyavichyus.
Salting Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas last year gelikoptery watched the festivities, not just its overflights, together with the family a day or all three at the center of events:
"What makes Giedrius — imagine his palace in Lithuania, its castle, and the castle — the ghosts! Castle — handsome. Place selected — could not be better. Imagine — 30 meters, you can overdo it … (laughs). You can not overdo it — you can only reach a maximum! And this year will come to such grants, that’s what means — private businessman. We government failed to invite such groups. And businessmen are invited! "

There will be three large scenes come 70 groups

Last year at the festival were world famous South American group "Morcheeba", "New York Ska Jazz Ensemble", English "Therapy?", Lithuanian Arturas Mamontovas, Joanna with English project "Joanna & the Wolf". Belarus then represented "Lapis Troubetzkoy", "IQ-48" and "Drum Extasy". Who will be this year — still a secret. It is clear only that will be musicians from England, USA, Germany, France, Norway, Israel, of course, from Belarus, and even from Africa. Level will be worse, convinces the organizer of the festival — the owner of the castle Narviliskaga Lithuanian businessman Giedrius Klimkyavichyus.
"At This year Festival will be called not only music, but creative and musical. And we grow twice — in width, depth and height. And we already represent such intelligent, beautiful forms of our festival. There will be three large scenes come 70 groups. Will be a variety of creative activities. "
The festival will begin with a parade of three hundred drummers at the Town Hall Square in Vilnius. Will run creative workshops, contests, music conference will be held, the organizers promise a lot of fun. Last year the festival came about 600 Belarusians. Giedrius Klimkyavichyus assured that the neighbors — the most expensive for a visit

We will find a method that you are not frightened price of Schengen visas

"Many Belarusians came, so stay together to stay together in the most beautiful corner of the world in the heart of Europe. And we were together as" Be2gether "means" live together, together to create. "
Last year the festival was held under the slogan "Music opens the borders." The organizers have a dream — to build a scene specifically over the border, so she combined the fraternal peoples. With regard to visa problems, they for those wishing to get to the second musical and art festival "Be2gether" will not be assured salting Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas:

"We find, as in the past, options to possible more Belarusians came to this festival, and we will find a method that you are not frightened price of Schengen visas. "

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