Belarus became a lawyer in Europe

On second place came the Social Democrats — 26 seats. 16 mandates — the Party of the folk revival. Party of former country manager Rolandas Paksas will have 15 seats in the Sejm. Labor Party multimillionaire Russian origin Victor Vspaskih produced 10 seats. 11 has going liberals, another 8-liberal centrists. Consulates of other parties in the Diet will be the smallest.
Lithuania will change policy towards Belarus?
In the Lithuanian Seimas, which composes their capabilities, there were two groups for relations with Belarus. One headed Belarusian Vaclav Stankevich, second — Race Yuknavichene. Ms. Yuknavichene, re-elected member of parliament — a member of the presidium of the party "Fatherland Alliance" which won 44 seats. She believes that the case with Belarus if changed, the best side:
"Only to the best. Indeed, our party is very keen to have been the case with Belarus European conventional. Naturally, this depends not only on us, and on the regime of Belarusian. If there are more steps towards Europe, we will welcome it, we are ready be, so to speak, lawyers Belarusian business in Europe. "
Chairman of the 2nd Parliamentary Group for Relations with Belarus Vaclav Stankevich in the new parliament did not run. As for winning the case for conservatives and Belarus, he made such a world:

Vaclav Stankevich"This is one of the forces that has a lot of experience in political affairs. Cardinal configurations will not, I’m sure, because the Conservatives and for the Social Democrats, and representatives of other parties for strategic objective is similar: we are very fundamentally Belarus is independent as to protect the government, self-government with its own language and with their own culture. "
Think that the Belarusian policy regarding relations between Lithuania and Belarus? That outlook civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko

"Lukashenko at the moment will be more difficult to talk to the official Vilnius, as formed and has a vision center-right coalition, which means — Kubilius, Landsbergis and other figures of Lithuanian policy. They are tougher, they are more pragmatic. Coupled with the fact do not need to think that something is fundamentally different, as Lithuania is part of the Euro Union and foreign policy more and more a collective and collegiate. In-2-x, the Lithuanian Seimas, there were two groups to work with Belarus. One of them led by Vaclav Stankevich. But the second, which was headed by Race Yuknavichene, it consisted of the right, the main one of the conservatives, and they were more fundamentally and tougher. "
First secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin also believes that the fundamental configurations will not:

Sergei Kalyakin"If anything will change, it is only partly true. Generally, Lithuania will play by the rules that exist in the EU. Because expect that there will be some revolutionary configuration is not necessary. Regarding the whole position of the government, the country’s position — on my opinion, everything is within those limits which are in the European Union. "

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