Belarus bomber shot in the head

If the Belarusian authorities to explain why the country’s hitherto apply the death penalty, then refer to the 1996 referendum in which the majority of voted for it to preserve it. Since a referendum in Belarus executed death over 196 people. "Languid crime for these years not become less, "- said the human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla recognizable. According views Harry Pahanyajla, formerly arbiter, hitherto not excluded judicial errors, as it was in the 1970s in the Vitebsk region in the serial killer.
"Some judges made mistakes, bringing the death penalty, as in the case Mikhasevich. Naturally was then sentenced to death and executed Terenia, and later found the real killer — Mikhasevich. "
Belarus condemned to death killed by shooting them in the back of the firing of a special gun. Where it happens — in the dungeons on Volodarskogo bullpen or in the woods — only know the firing squad members, whose names are kept secret. By this method of execution of the sentence in the many claims of human rights defenders.
"Also, do not inform relatives when was manufactured and where he is buried. And the bodies of executed relatives do not give. Commission Human Rights the UN, which considered this practice, recognized her views regarding torture relatives. "
In December 2007, Chief Justice Valentin Sukala said in an interview "Russian Belarus" that "arbitrators are psychologically prepared for the abolition of the death penalty." But two months later, in February, official media said on Belarus execution of the death penalty, which Supreme Tribunal passed last year, three managers so called Morozova grouping of Gomel. Why Belarus to This time waived punishment that everywhere in Europe or not applicable, either on his moratorium, as in Russia or Ukraine?
Harry Pahanyajla believes that adherence to the death penalty is the essence of the Belarusian political regime, who bet on the ruthlessness of all people.
Oleg Alkaev last policeman believes that the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus will mean willingness to change the political regime.
"As Lukashenko will sign such a decree or impose a moratorium on the death penalty, it would mean that he agreed to hand over power. This I know. Fact it is necessary to save his own, and his entourage of 15 people very little need to go there in the basement."
Oleg Alkaev implies that opposition politicians Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky were killed on orders from above, and it was made under the guise of a death sentence. "The whole truth about these murders will certainly be known to society," — says Oleg alkanes which had to emigrate to Germany because of persecution by the Belarusian authorities.

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