Belarus celebrates the resurrection of Christ

Reporter: "I see that you just devote the Passover meal. You prazdnichek this? "
Lady: "Easter — a big prazdnichek. Resurrection of Christ. "

Man: "No, not for the first time. We always come and celebrate this prazdnichek, since it is the lightest and prazdnichek good."

Reporter: "How do you celebrate prazdnichek resurrection?"
Lady: "Family budam all together. Invite our matchmakers go on nature. Eggs will have. "
Reporter: "Is it always this prazdnichek celebrate?"
Lady: "Always. For us it is a source of recovery for the whole year. "

Reporter: "What do you today?

Lady: "Easter — it first, a memoir of childhood. About those funny days when, though not could celebrate, as we expected, celebrated, walked into the church. Though secretly, so were Komsomol. And so this prazdnichek — our forefathers, this is our land, Russia is our roots. That’s what Easter for me. Christ is risen. "Tags:

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