Belarus loses what remains still on the style

Man: "I believe that no conflict or usefulness one hand does not work. Belarus exactly it — 100 percent. With diplomacy here in Belarus, it is difficult. "

With diplomacy here in Belarus, it is difficult

Lady: "I do not understand politics."
Man: "I think that Americans zazherlisya"
Man: "Blame not Lukashenko. West and the U.S. — they are to blame. They do not want us to develop normally, normally lived. They want us to come into their system — as an appendage of the West and the United States. "
Man: "This conflict currently benefit Lukashenko because he wants to divert attention from internal problems. In-2, he always kindled the conflict. And not only with the U.S., and with Russia too. This is his so called shmatvektarnasts. "
Man: "The Americans are the policies that in the past — the oppression of Belarus. I do not like, Belarus not lie under them, do not ask for NATO, unlike the others. "

Povinet not Lukashenko. West and the U.S. wants us to come into their system — as an appendage

Lady: "I believe that this conflict diplomatically hundred percent guilty management Belarus. Already there have been cases when after evicted from Drozdov. Lukashenko of Belarus and all management behave on the diplomatic arena, as in his farm. "
Man: "It is desirable, that here and there were embassies. Make friends, so everything went peacefully. What Americans have pressured this course. They are not allowed to market our "Belneftekhim".
Man: "The conflict provoked by the Belarusian side. Belarus loses what’s left of another style."
Lady: "You have to live in peace. And not from our side it’s all happening, and from the United States."
Man: "On my eyes, this conflict is artificially made by the Belarusian authorities in order to avoid responsibility and do the requirements of civilized nations such as the U.S. and EU countries, for the release of all political prisoners, holding fair and free elections and so on. If there are no diplomatic relations, and then to the Belarusian authorities vymaganni least. "


Man: "I think that Americans do not have rights. They climb back to where it should not climb. Break the case can be fully. We, of course, because this is something to lose. Bad, of course, if tear diplomatic affairs or exacerbate them much. Better not be. But somehow it is necessary to respond to what the Americans are doing. "

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