Belarus may arm on billions of dollars

On plans to buy Russian missiles, similar to the "Iskander", said at a briefing in Minsk Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, first deputy defense minister of Belarus Sergei Hurulyou. "There are also plans to re-air defense systems" Thor "and" C-400. "We have to have the best and most advanced" — said by learned Sergei Hurulyou.
How much will a re-Belarusian budget? By-independent military analyst Alexander Alesina, Our motherland can implement modifications Belarus "Iskander" missile range to 280 km. One such complex is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the need to get a few battalions, the total price will be significantly increased. Very expensive and defensive systems "Thor" and "S-400", which must also be immediately more:
"Billions of three million or more. Guess for us to acquire such means such missiles on the world market is unreal, and I think that even in

The only complex "C-400" will pull on all our military budget.

Rf too. I think it would be something like Lend-Lease, temporary possession. Maybe some will pay for transportation, re-position and so on. And for the means to acquire them — it’s unreal. That read, if a single set of "S-400" will pull on all our military budget. This 500-700 millions of dollars . "
What military and political cost will be paid by Belarus for posting on its territory of new Russian missiles? Alesin Alexander believes that this re practical and will be the "asymmetric response" to the placement in Poland and the Czech Republic parts U.S. defense, which many read as policy in Russia. Profit from Belarus militarily looks contradictory, says columnist. With one side, defensive systems "Thor" and "S-400", of course, will strengthen country’s air defense. With On the other hand, missile modifications "Iskander" increment danger adjacent states, said Alexander Alesin:
"If the rockets’ point M" with a range of 120 km allow lay goal in the border zone, the new missiles with a range of 280

Will be under the gun bodies of municipal management, transportation centers.

Completely different ability. Take a map and see that the capital of the west of the country adjacent to get into the affected area. Will be under the gun bodies of municipal management, transportation centers. Neighbors, certainly react negatively. "
If in Belarus may seem Russian rocket modification "Iskander"? Alesin columnist Alexander says that the process spread over the years:
"Our homeland itself only started the first division," S-400 "and the first brigade" Iskander. "Because, I think it will be in 2015. However, when the case with the West will deteriorate rapidly, it may be earlier. But not all so simple. military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation substantially weakened restructuring, lack of personnel, there violated the process chains The old equipment. And to make mass production of missile systems difficult, and therefore think that all will not be soon. "

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