Belarus to check what it feeds Our homeland

The Minister referred to these numbers: Power supply in the Russian agricultural industry 122 companies. Russians claim to have 35 of them. The reason — the mismatch properties of milk and meat Russian standards. But so far only seven companies know that just do not like Russian consumers of their products.
Semyon Shapiro states, these actions Moscow first protect their own producers. But lose the Russian market is unprofitable, — he said. And he brought such an example: half of Belarusian milk exported specifically Eastern friend. Because at the moment, these enterprises must urgently "to remove flaws", at least to buy new equipment to make the best quality products.
Belarusian Foreign Minister promised to put the eastern partner, so to speak, kick back — to inspect Russian companies supplying their products to Belarus.
Alexander Yarashuk, a first deputy Minsk Regional Executive Committee and oversaw the agricultural sector, says that from that hard to wait for the result of the inspection. It is possible that such trials can only tease neighbor. Own pessimism, he explains that in Russia and in Belarus various benchmarks properties:
"Maybe that was all finished. Especially if to imply that increased Russian standards comparable to ours. ‘Cause something else recently or in the future may take place by Russia. And it will become even more acute problem."
Director Lyakhovichi dairy Vyacheslav Zhukovsky does not know that the Russians do not like:
"It’s already the second time with us so behave. Once permission was not given, then — given. Have worked for some time, do not give again. Well, what to do now? Now 35 companies in a similar state. And it just half of dairies our country. How can this apply to us? Especially since that check if we had, no comments were expressed.
Well, what can I say now? That’s when they come and utter: because of these certain moments we are not satisfied with your product, then I should resign. And if now because, well, who does not quite there that you want! "
Journalist agrarian Anatoly Gulyaev believes that the standards of properties will certainly be followed. He recalls that when Lithuania came into the European Union, all of its meat and dairy enterprises were certified by the EU Commission. And it was a pretty formidable exam — says journalist
"I believe that if the test goes, it is a common phenomenon. And when our guys are starting to read: Well, if they inspect us so, and we will show them — this reasoning at the boys." Tags: Our homeland, products, Belarusian

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