Belarus to display on suicides

According to the highest standards is considered an indicator of 20 cases per 100 thousand population. Belarus recorded version 41.5 per 100 thousand people, reports Consulate Office in Belarus. What prerequisites suicides that drives people to such a move?
In the first three months this year 635 Belarusians committed suicide. Once a day went out of life an average of seven people. Compared to last year, the number of suicides rose almost 9%.
Welfare of the country has no effect on the number of suicides
About 80% of suicide attempts are made by people who was ill on depression, says psychiatrist Igor Sorokin. The level of welfare in the country has almost no effect on the number of suicides. A large percentage of suicides in the Nordic countries:
"In general are more prone to suicide people in northern latitudes. Almost all matters, as people have to say, the terror of God. Main brake — fear of punishment, specifically faith rescues from suicide. In a country where a lot of real believers, not" Orthodox atheist ", where, for example, strong Muslim roots, there is much less suicide. atheistic countries in the composition or in countries where the predominant Protestant, suicide is usually more."
To suicides are children and people who are over 50

Many attempts to commit suicide children in public psyche is unstable or not yet fully formed, that all the little difficulties converted into a tragedy. One young man who was also a child rascharovvavsya in life, admits:
Young Man: "Every child has such period (as in adults is a midlife crisis) if children feel that they do not understand the ancestors.’s Own experience was with me — three samples of suicides. Well, baby stupidity was, I believe. This is Currently I really love myself, so do, was some cynicism, self-centeredness. "
Psychiatrist Igor Sorokin notes that not only children are prone to suicide, and people are adults.
National characteristics of suicide in Belarus
Besides Belarusians have their national characteristics and this:
"In general, the age of 19 years — this is the age of risk, parasuicide or suicide completed. As well as after 50 years an increasing number of suicides, although there as would have brains. Children less strong, in-2, they often do it, which is typical for the group to which they are attached, or guided by the idols. Almost always it malpavanne adolescents.
Why an increasing number of suicides in Incline age — is the sense of loneliness, abandonment, worthlessness. In other countries in the midst of rural suicides is usually less than the middle of the city, but our country is in this sense is different, we own way. Take to drink and feel the loneliness more rural dwellers. "
Psychiatrist Igor Sorokin notes that suicide is very often committed by people who abuse alcohol also drug addicts.
"After some of these cases is the lust for life"

And yet — what motivates a person when it comes to such a desperate move? A young man who cut child for themselves vein, climbed into the loop, ignorant of their own experiences:
"Initially there were some doubts, like the rope has broken, like the cervical vertebrae to break quickly. When will you realize that everything — instinct of self-preservation. In the loop I realized that tomorrow, maybe it will be better, I do 5 minutes not breathing after the rope broke and got out of the loop. Your hands reach to the node, untied, terminated by a rope, because live hunting, not as mind as the body. How to read Nietzsche, what does not kill me makes me stronger " .
After some of these cases is the lust for life, some new colors in this world are, indeed all different after such attempts. "
Belarusians — the most wretched in the world?

Belarus’ population declined in the three months to 8800 people. Belarusians currently 9 million 681 thousand. In 1994 the country’s population was 10 million 243.5 thousand people, for 14 years, it decreased by 562.5 thousand people.
Internet portal World Database of Happiness (Global Database of Happiness) published the results of research in which referred to the happiest country in the world and unfortunate. In the midst of the most unfortunate in the midst of 95 states were the first to Belarus and Moldova. First position in the hit parade of happy occupy Switzerland and Denmark.

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