Belarus was released from the steel cell in Moscow

They try to detain an activist with the Belarusian Diaspora, and we are trying to protect

Just just as the Minsk riot police drove people from the building of the Central district court of Minsk, where the process of 14 in Moscow at the Embassy of Belarus in the street Maroseika solidarity activists staged just made the initiative "Solidarity with Belarus". It included activists of youth organizations, "Defence", "Change", and other democratic organizations, representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow.
According to the activist "Defense" Oleg Kozlowski, took part in the action a few 10’s activists. It was a typical performance: a symbolic steel cells after approval "Freedom to political prisoners!" Liberated woman who, according to the views of the organizers, symbolizes freedom in Belarus. At the beginning of the action tried to suspend metropolitan SWAT said Oleg Kozlovsky:
"They are trying to detain an activist with the Belarusian Diaspora, and we are trying to protect him. His name is Ivan. What is your name? Yang Markov. Policemen they say that Tipo he forged documents."
Share managed to complete without detentions. Oleg Kozlovsky also said that none of the employees of the Belarusian Embassy to them did not come, but for the most action followed "several people in the civil." "This security officials of Belarus," — says Oleg Kozlovsky.
Now activists initiative "Solidarity with Belarus" held a press conference for the capital’s journalists said.

For many was the news that came even repressed Belarusian language

"For many there was news that the repression got even whiteRussian language. We asked whether really expect that Russian authorities will make pressure on the Belarusian authorities to make the situation more democratic. We think it is quite impractical, so that at the moment our authorities are doing almost the same as Belarus ", said Oleg Kozlovsky.
Public initiative "Solidarity with Belarus" plans to become a bridge between the democratic circles of Belarus and metropolitan media.
Meanwhile Soligorsk now usually held solidarity with political prisoners and repressed. Svoboda said about this young activist Ivan Shiloh.
"Such actions have been held for the third year. During this Time wasof only a few arrests. And so is the police, but does not interfere. "
On This time Soligorsk activists will hold portraits of those who have now started to judge in Minsk.

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