Belarusian club Konskie Market …

"Free Belarus"
in 1928 under the heading "Chronicle" writes about the courses and Belarusica "Belarusian Cottage": "The courses are held a day or that. During the last days to enroll in courses of about 200 people. Administration courses has vyastsi personal statistics courses and wishes to open, not counting the evening, and ranichnyya courses … Belarusian club Konskie Market expands its decorum. Soon cinematography revealed specifically for kids. organized drama troupe of actors, which will soon hourand has put constant performances. Troupes F.Zhdanovich controls, known Belarusian artist. "
"Proletarians of Vitebsk" in 1938 published a decree SNK and the CPSU (b) "On the prohibition of collective farmers exclusion": "1. Prohibit conduct collective cleaning for any excuse … 3rd Prohibit exclusion from collective farms violationyl internal regulations. Fourth Set in the future, that the exclusion of collective farmers can only be used as last measure, against members of the collective farm, apparently irreparable, and padryvayuchyh dezarganizuyuchyh farm … "
"Stalin youth" 1948 notes: "Favorite place on Citizens summer holiday — an artificial lake — in This year dobravparadkuetstsa anew. Finished cleaning the reservoir, repaired platinum … On the central avenue of the park is built equipped premise Kultbaza. Here, on the veranda, surrounded by greenery, held reading rooms, billiard room. The construction of the platform, open a restaurant, retail kiosks. Minsk lake will link with the town center bus backbone. Opening the lake on May 9 — a day of victory. "

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