Belarusian editions midst laureates Zeit Foundation

"Newspaper Slonim" recognized as the best for coverage in the region, and "Diary" — for new Belarus Format: publication qualifies as an ordinary newspaper, but is sent to subscribers by electric mail.
Prize Fund "Die Zeit" — yearly merit. Her award in the competition in the midst of media and journalists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and the North Caucasus, which in their work in favor of freedom of speech and liberal civilian society. The award was established in 2000 in honor of a lawyer, journalist and publisher Gerd Bucerius.
I recall that "Newspaper Slonim" continue to be under threat of closure. Editions denied tenancy, and find a new, even personal hosts to This time comes out.
According to the oral orders of local officials forbade selling newspaper in the shops, and the editor has received a warning letter inappropriate license for a small trade (newspaper distributed personal persons). The letter contained a threat to revoke the license.
This is in addition to that for the past 2 years newspaper is not included in the catalog subscription "Belposhta" and is sold in kiosks "Belsayuzdruk" since the contract was not extended.

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