Belarusian medicine: a cheap and not very effective?

According to director general of "Belfarmatsiya" Igor Kovalchuk, increase in sales of Russian-made pharmaceuticals in pharmacies once a year is 20%.
A big manufacturer of pharmaceuticals — Concern "Belbiopharm", composed of 18 companies comes. Among them, six medicinal plants — two in Minsk ("Belmedpreparaty" and "Dialek"), one in Borisov Nyasvizh, Skidel, Drahichhyn. "Belbiopharm" produces 550 kinds of pharmaceuticals, their creation of 138 drugs is unprofitable. Because "Belbiopharm" agreed with the Ministry of Economy increase retail prices for 64 items Russian pharmaceuticals. Head of Concern Misha Shard explained to the need to increase drug prices sharp rise in prices of imported substances of which made medpreparaty. Press Secretary "Belbiopharm" Misha Bondarev reads as follows:
"If the cost of drugs, which are currently worth 70 rubles, will rise to $ 100, I do not think that is significant based on the beliefs of officials higher prices will be seen population. It is a question specifically about such and such a price rise in price."
Compared with imported medicines Belarusian drugs really deshevenky. Take the most vserasprostranennye. Cough syrup manufactured in Belarus ambraksol worth 3900 rubles; German analogue lazalvan — 13450. Belarusian bromgeksin — 580 rubles, Latvian analogue with the same title — 2050 rubles. Nose drops: naftyzin — 390 rubles, nafazalin — 690; Czech Sanorin — 3440, the South American molested — 7900, and the Swiss atryvin — 10820 rubles. Of more severe cardiac drugs Belarusian pretuktal worth 24 thousand, French — 38 thousand. Farmakolyag Olga, analyst who works in one of the capital’s pharmacies, confirms that the Belarusian quite a cheap drugs:
"What a cheap, it is really so. But we have some of the drugs factory produce of imported substances that zatarivaemsya. And I would not say that they are superior cleaning as funds for a good cleaning is not. And because drugs are obtained such a cheap . "
Russian pharmacists do not agree that their products are inferior zabugornye products. If inferior, it is only in the design package. Representative "Belbiopharm" Bondarev Misha says:

More mass position of imported pharmaceuticals — anything they do not better our

"Belarusian products are significantly cheaper in a couple of times imported from other countries. A more massive position of imported pharmaceuticals — anything they’re not our best, either in quality or efficiency."
Certainly, every product undergoes strict control and the drug substance in the main corresponds reads farmakolyag Minsk pharmacy:
"So, with all analyzes strictly all correspondence. Suppose antyaksykapsy — vitamins C, A, E, rather, because it should be. But additional ingredients comparability … Take esentsyyale esentsykaps and, here and there for a similar complex substances liver, but in biyadapushchalnasts esentsyyale substantially higher. "
The representative of a drug companies zabugornyh states Belarus produces virtually no unique pharmaceuticals in the main "generic" as saying that esentsykaps:
"They invented somewhere — in Germany, the UK, Belgium. Such substances do in third countries, and sell. Active substance purchased, for example, in India, packed in any pharmaceutical form, and later sold it to a suitable value. Everything is done for grandmothers in which no funds. "
And yet, I asked a friend pharmacologist, which has a reddish Russian university diploma, zabugornye held internships in Germany and Poland, to recommend me great medication because health sin save:
"I would recommended you personally imported drugs from other countries. Naturally, when the old woman comes to the pharmacy she had no money, but she believes that he posodeystvuyut medication, it is suggested to her that she is cheaper. But quality imported from other countries — at their smallest side effect. Take enalapril. Our grandmothers accepted, and two months later the cough begins a side effect. And take berlipryl, production of "Gedeon Richter". There’s more substance unblemished. Better to take imported from other countries. "

Most of the Belarusian pharmaceuticals has no international standard GMP — system of property

Moreover, most of Belarusian pharmaceuticals has no international standard GMP — system of property. They have other properties of the certificates, but they will not be eligible to enter international markets. This failure all states CIS where he was slightly different approach to drug industry. While GMP certified reference only four production sites of 3 drug companies in Belarus.
"They follow the rules GMP, international standards. Else we do not correspond. Export other words, we have practically none. I do not mean that we export to the CIS countries. And in conventional Western medicine, our country no one will" .
GMP certification is planned to finish by 2010. Now task — to modernize the entire drug branch. Foreign investment — one source of cash recovery industry. Within 3 years means almost all joint stock company "Belbiopharm." For example, Borisov Pharmaceutical Plant interested in 5 recognizable drug companies, including from the EU and India.
Next year is meant to open the largest pharmaceutical company in Belarus "Vitunifarm" which will create products to 100 billion rubles a year — a third of the volume of all Belarusian farmvytvorchastsyav.

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