Belarusian petroleum and chemical industry are willing to buy on the cheap

Sibur "Fertilizers", "Eurochem", "Lukoil", "Rosneft" — is far not the full list of Russian companies, which at one point reduced their intrigued by Belarusian companies. And first, they took the time to do joint ventures with Grodno "Nitrogen" , Gomel chemical plants, Polotsk "Naftan", Bon "Polymir".
"But as soon as the negotiations on these projects, we can say suspended. By the way, we do not litsezreem any new initiatives by Russian companies. The process has stalled, "- said the agency Itar-Tass, citing an anonymous source in the bodies of state administration in Belarus. The same source of calm and reason — the global monetary crisis.
Managing public relations management in Mineral Chemical Company "Eurochem" Vladimir Torin at the request of the "Freedom" to comment on the situation said:
"We do not comment on our cash solutions. After all, it It would be incorrect to viewpoint business. The only thing that I can tell — Belarus is fundamental for us, one of the strategic. "
Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Institute of CIS Leonid Zharihin reads "Freedom" that such behavior Russian entrepreneurs is quite reasonable. He refers to the freezing of projects "reasonable pragmatism":
"We we see, makingsmiling in global markets. Prices vary sharply in including and shares the major industries. These criteria Russian company, I think, decided to wait until prices stabilize at new positions. And what we take very expensive?
I think if everything is stabilized, they will resume negotiations. "
Previous Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Belarus Misha Marynitch believes that the global monetary crisis began to Russian oligarchs good reason to buy Belarusian petroleum and chemical industry on the cheap. Marinich believes that our homelandnot specifically paused to lower the prices of Belarusian companies:

"Getting two billion Russian loan entitles Belarus Russian authorities, together with the case of bankrupt Belarusian enterprises. Including petrochemicals. They bring the case to itself profitable prices, and Belarusian bureaucrats get their kickbacks. I think it has more to do with the intention of the Belarusian national ownership over deshevenky.
That enthusiasm to the Belarusian oil and chemistry Russians have, it certainly is a fact. And now the Belarusian government and the bureaucrats gave the bait. "

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