Belarusian show business has its own encyclopedia

For the first time in one volume are the creative biography of about 500 members of the Belarusian show business — composers, musicians, singers, poets, producers, sound engineers working in different styles and genres of so-called popular music enjoying. Its uniqueness besides that the encyclopedia is not a big team of authors, and in fact the 1st creator — music critic Dmitry Podberezskaya.
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"Dmitry, you, in fact, long-term work performed whole department Research Institute. Only a few people a little help for you. How dare for such a project? How could pull it?"
Dmitry Podberezskaya"The fact is that about most of the artists that are popular in different parts of society, there is no encyclopedic information. And I thought, that such information should be collected and put in one place, that these musicians at least forgotten. Well and musicians, as I realized while working on the book, forgets what they were doing, for example, five years ago. And about those groups that existed in the late 1960s, it is now a lot of people do not remember. "
Rakytskyy"How full of this encyclopedia? See itself that remained white spots?"
Podberezskaya"Complete it fundamentally can not be. Global experience indicates that make 100 percent complete similar edition is virtually impossible. Naturally, there is not enough many names for various reasons. Some people just do not respond to the questionnaire, I would send. Especially this applies to those who live outside Belarus. To some, as, for example, Eugene Gryshmana I have not managed to get there. About some people have, unfortunately, get information and unrealistic as, for example, about Anatolia Gilevich " .
Rakytskyy"Why research universities do not study modern unpopular music? Belarus remains resilient stereotype that pop music is not art?"
Podberezskaya"If you take unpopular song, it’s own in most, perhaps, is not art. Yet such songs artist is, publish discs. And why not study? .. In Belarus there really dismissive attitude to the so-called" the Lung genres. "But is light in jazz music genres? She occasionally harder than academic music."
Rakytskyy"Are not you afraid that your encyclopedia lost in the midst of pop singers jazz and rock music?"
Podberezskaya"No, I’m not afraid. About pop singers often they say, write more of them show on television. But many of them are not able to do a solo concert and jazz musicians and rock artists recitals. Pops — a very specific branch. But it discriminate in such references or can not overlook. "
Rakytskyy"Term" which is popular music "is very conditional, debatable. Working on such a book as you determined that there is a good popular music?"

Podberezskaya"In a broad sense I call music is popular with all the music that is popular in certain circles. There may be bard songs, and are popular tunes as, for example, the Adagio from the ballet" Little Prince "Yevgeny Glebov. More narrow meaning pop music — it’s the creativity that has roots in the blues tradition. Specifically with blues rock came out, well, which is popular with the song too. To them I also joins bard songs as they were recorded in the studio with the band or orchestra accompaniment. "
Rakytskyy"And whether Belarus which is popular with some of his music art features?"
Podberezskaya"In Belarus has been a very exciting direction, which has its own definition — modern folk. These are concepts I have not seen anywhere else. A generally Belarus which is popular music is, I believe, in line with the world is popular with music."
Rakytskyy"How your work will be required? Where will the book be sold? Either its real hit in the library?"
Podberezskaya"I think that libraries will take this book. How will it be distributed, it is a concern of the publisher Dmitry Kolasa. If devote his attention to his experience, since he proposed instead a thousand copies printed two thousand, of course, the book will be needed." Tags: Podberezskaya encyclopedia, ear, pop music

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