Belarusian theater — without their own faces

In 2006 he was dismissed from the Russian Drama Theater named after bitter — for his role in a protest rally on October Square in Minsk.
"In the municipal theaters I did not try to get"
Michas Scoble"Paul, it took almost two years from the time that you were fired from the Russian Drama Theater named after bitter. Find you work for yourself?"

Paul Kharlanchuk"No, not found. My labor book lies in the house. Naturally, I would like to work on specialization. Municipal theaters But I did not try to settle. Because I know the situation with me such that hardly would take me there. I even walking hired as "McDonald’s".
Scoble"You were willing to deliver burgers?"
Kharlanchuk"What to do? Must also ensure that labor book lying somewhere, it is necessary that the experience was. Yes and" McDonald’s "I did not have. Maybe because of their age, I do not know."
"Maybe I’d go back to the Russian Drama Theatre. There are not many people with whom I would like to work"
Scoble"You — a relatively young actor and director, during your scandalous dismissal for you was only 20 eight years. And Luminary Theatre, People’s Artist of the Russian Union of Rostislav Jankowski says to you in the eye:" I do not want to appear to you on the same stage "You is not knocked out of the creative rut? NOT forced znyaverytstsa own forces?"
Kharlanchuk"From a creative rut NOT kicked, and with the human — yes. Jankowski It refuses to go together with me on stage because of my civilian position, not because I am a bad actor. How would I put my plainclothes position over all: over the theater, over the work — so I had read in the theater. But it seems to me that they were obliged to dismiss me. oblige. And this — the first sign that they are not free people.
But I do not hold to their grievances. And actor Jankowski I respect as before, he was a professional, although someone might not like it. But as a man I do not understand. I’m sorry for what I said in all the heads of the theater was the least of their own thoughts. And thoughts were imposed from above or from the side. So it seems to me. "
Scoble"You Dismisses Russian Drama Theater artistic director Boris Lutsenko. But Lutsenko himself and fired, or he is gone (I do not know the details.) If a new artistic manager will call you back to the theater, how do you do?"
Kharlanchuk"Oh, I did not even think about it. At the theater there were many people I love and with whom I would like to work on. Maybe I would come back."
Scoble"The walls of the theater as before you comfortable?"
Kharlanchuk"Not the wall, and the people with whom I started. Know, because it was the case not only in Lutsenko. He just did an order. Though I’m not 100 percent sure, whoever gave the orders and who was the executor. Certain role in my dismissal played a theater director, and he’s working as before. And the director will never allow me to come back. "
"One Russian director said yes I though what the Belarusian actor rent for one pack of cigarettes!"
Scoble"During your official unemployment you have a daughter. Family asks high costs. Where do you get on a daily bread?"
Kharlanchuk"I try to earn some money which can be. Doing voiceovers for radio, I have a children’s program, I was there behind the scenes Gooch. Later there is acting the word" trash "… Last year I was lucky — starred in many movies. Acted in 5 or even 6 scenes. Roles largely anecdotal, and the main one was. Filmed mostly here in Belarus. Only the shooting 1st movie traveled to Russia, to the city of Serpukhov. "
Scoble"Sorry for the tactless question. Russian filmmakers shoot Belarusian actors for what they are gifted or for what they are a cheap — in comparison with their Russian co-workers?"
Kharlanchuk"You know, there are different directors. There are those who respect the talents, and there are those that do not respect. At one point on the Russian television I watched an interview with a Russian director who extolled as Belarus, Belarusian actors and all Belarusians! A came down here and said (I had heard): "Yes, I though what the Belarusian actor rent for one pack of cigarettes!" Since we now market throughout the case, the work on the "Belarusfilm" for them — is the cost of the property. And Cheap and good. "
"Will not this political regime, there will be" Free Theatre "
Scoble"On this day, almost the most famous Belarusian theater company -" Free Theatre. "He’s on tour in New York, in London, in other cultural capitals of the world. How do you rate his statement?"
Kharlanchuk"Free Theatre" occasionally appears in Minsk, because I beheld only one statement — "Generation Jeans». It is very difficult to evaluate this theater. Its leaders they say that they do not engage in politics, but it seems to me that the "Free Theatre" — a purely political. And most importantly, it seems to me, is not this mode, there will be the theater. "
Scoble"The theater should not be political?"
Kharlanchuk"No, why. Tavstanogav At one time made their own actors interested in politics. Actors are required to have their plainclothes position, otherwise it will not be a theater, and ballet. Well, as it does not have its civilian positions? Or have the position that I have no position? It will be sour, non-contemporary theater. Theatre Always match the time in which it exists. Theatre always responds to the words of the same generation, in which he was created. "
"There is a ban on certain vneglasnoe Belarusian performances"
Scoble"Why not now in Belarus sonorous premiers Why not performances, which they say, for which we would like to go and twice and three times, as in his time walking on Piniginskoye" Tuteyshyh "?"
Kharlanchuk"The Belarusian theater to bolshennomu chagrin, not its own entity. We know what the Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian theater. And we are always under someone adjusts — a bit under the Russians, Lithuanians little under. Our theater does not have its own rod. How, by the way, and television. You saw us on television almost no own programs. On Russian — "Our Rush", we — "Our Belarasha" there "Comedy Club", and we — the same . If you do not own, then take from somewhere outside. And it does not make a creative environment here in Belarus. "
Scoble"My thirteen year old daughter asks to go with her to the theater, but not in TeYuG, and certainly in some adult production. Playbill I looked Kupala. Would converge on the" Duke Vytautas "- do not have it on posters. Would converge on the" idyll " — there is none. Would rather go to "Tuteyshyh" — and they are removed from the repertoire. Why are these dates in society performances do not go on stage? "
Kharlanchuk"C" local "is not clear. They are not removed from the repertoire, but just occasionally go. As for the other — I do not know. Here they say: the theater should not engage in politics. But the policy has been the theater! There is also some vneglasnoe ban you mentioned on the performances. Why is not really "Prince Vytautas"? burning performance, he walked on the audience. And there is not a fictional story, not a stranger. And our playwright — Alexei Dudarev. And why not go "Idyll"? Piniginskoye The good production ! Unfortunately, we do not know that there "upstairs", happens. "
Scoble"Who do you think is the most catchy theate
r director in Belarus?"
Kharlanchuk"In my opinion, it’s Nicholas Pinigin. Unless, of course, it can now be considered Belarusian director. I know that he is not there in St. Petersburg very sweet life. His best performances he has fulfilled all the same in the Kupala theater. Like what making director Alexander prancing. But the real, obvious favorite — all the same Pinigin Nicholas. "
"The position of opportunists Nikita Znosko now prevailing in Belarus"
Scoble"One of nedavneshnih your work in the film — is the role of Nikita in Znosko" Tuteyshyh "Kupala, they filmed Valery Mazynsky. How different from your Znosak Znosko Victor Manaeva — still kind of catchy and memorable?"
Kharlanchuk"Staging" Tuteyshyh "in Kupala theater Nikolai Pinigin placed emphasis on grateskavastsi situation. Wonder genre of his own work as Midsummer led tragikamedyyu. There’s laughter throughout the performance through tears. Znosak And in the movie Mazynskogo more confident within themselves, in their own affairs and ideas . konyukturschik He is the same, but acts more aggressively. meaningfully He does everything, he does not know how to live differently.
In Manaeva Znosak rushes and there and here, and nothing he does not leave. There he was just miserable. And in the movie Znosak timeserving defends its position. And I think that in Belarus now — it’s dominant position. "And what do I do? I want to live. Nothing can be done, it is necessary from time to time to go against their own truth." Se my Nikita Znosak.
In one scene, he says: "From nothing to do international intellectuals invented this Belarusian language. And you want us to crush him over his last brains? I wish to say to you, sire teacher that I your Belarusian language is not necessary, because I have my mother’s native language is Russian! "And it says Znosak convinced even tough. He’s in the movie — not small, not overdriven people. "
"If historical events will be given Accordingly estimates, that’s when we will have and its national cinema and its own State Theatre!"
Scoble"You are now intensively filming on" Belarusfilm. "How in my opinion, do not call that there is now removed, the Belarusian cinema achievement. If in Belarus will not natsyyanalnave bad movies?"
Kharlanchuk"In our country should prevail true. Truth can not be overcome, it may temporarily move into a corner. Anyway Belarusian authorities understands that truth impossible to overcome. And I think the first steps the Belarusian authorities to rethink the history being made. I mean publication municipal media about Belarusian People’s Republic. pity that this rethinking ended carnage on the streets of Minsk.
But it seems to me that the Belarusian authorities somewhere deep down understands that no real comprehension of their own past, We have no independent states, for which she is campaigning. Either we appendage of, or — indeed masters of their own country to be independent. When all the historical events will be given Accordingly estimates, that’s when we will have and its national cinema and its own State Theatre! "Tags: theater Kharlanchuk local

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