Belarusian tribune in St. Petersburg

Hot on the heels of the meeting of the group round of the Champions League in St. Petersburg result in the studio of "Radio Liberty" discussed Bushlyakov Yuri and Igor Carney (Live October 21
). Bushlyakov:
Igor had such hopes for the final match? After all, you have to be impartial: for BATE is very positive … Roots:

Hopes were but partially illusory. About this game the other day had read a lot of spices, including patriotic Belarusian. But from what predictions do not match the reality, I think, no one was offended. So makarom BATE again okolofutbolnaya adjusted forecasts of analysts who foretold Borisov "zero" — zero points in six group matches.

So makarom BATE again adjusted forecasts football analysts that foreshadowed BATE zero points in six group matches
I recall the first point in the asset BATE came after the home match with the Italian "Juventus" September 30, and now — the first exit point in a match with "Zenith".
In truth, climbing BATE very symptomatic. Defeat on the road from the "Real" (quite expected), draw on their own field turintsy (comparable to the sensation), draw in St. Petersburg (not promised). Logically, at this point in this chain can threaten to win — after the match will be held in Minsk on November 5 against the same "Zenith". Bushlyakov:
But pachtak St. Petersburg meeting did not give special hopes, faster — on the contrary. Roots: Slightly recall the chronology of the match. The game gives a very lively, with mutual Edged attacks. By the 20th Minutka competitors twice exchanged blows in bars, BATE defender carried the ball a couple of times with a band collar. In crossbar massive "shot" Portuguese forward, "Zenith" Dani. But the most noteworthy actions for first Belarusian fans, began in the second half. Head Coach Viktor Goncharenko obviously guessed spoofing and "freshest" Pavel Nekhaychik
well, in the fall, closed transfer partners. It was clear that such a turn of events stunned Petrograd, where the crowd just looked stunned gubernartar "northern capital" Valentine Matsvienka and the main sponsor — the head of "Gazprom"

Alexey Miller.

The main component — total team will to win "Zenith" all the staff rushed to the attack. Really could destroy, Arshavin
but on the way behind the ball hit the leg of his team player. A few minutes after entering the field nearly scored Pogrebnyak. Yet, despite such pressure, for half an hour Belarusians were ahead. Although the goal of what is called brewing. 80 minutes Minutka embodied Turkish striker scoring point "Zenith". Fatih Tekke

Thereafter, before BATE was one little problem — do not miss the last minute, as is often sin and Belarusian clubs and the national team. To honor Borisov — survived. And left a third place in the "N". "Zenith" on the line below. For leadership in the group struggled a bit later "Real" and "Juventus"; turintsy suddenly overpowered even for professionals and rejected Madrid 2-1 at the second position.

Igor, you were that in a certain sense BATE lucky he did not kill a competitor. And what did the Belarusians, so in the end to neutralize the "Zenith"?

Champions League debutant, apparently, it still manages to 100 Roots: Certainly, in a few moments BATE really lucky. But the main component, in my opinion, — total team will to win. Viktor Goncharenko ambitions, and he does not hide, it seems spread to the players. Also very successful in Peter played defensive line — Yurevich Sosnowski Hagush
not once rescued seemed hopeless situations. But the main factor, again, this is what many experts say: Goncharenko did a group of associates, which is aimed only at the greatest puzzles. Champions League debutant, apparently, it still manages to 100. Bushlyakov:
It should be noted that the "Zenith" still showed a very benign game … Roots:
Thus, the "Zenith" played very cool. To be honest, that Peter is more than luck, the outcome of the game could be resolved first is the first half. Arshavin and Danny together cost the whole team, and captain insensitivity "Zenith" Tymoshchuk usually "kept" defense. But what luck here and turned away from students Dick Advocaat, of course, should not disappoint fans in Belarus. Bushlyakov:

Two weeks later — a match with "Zenith" in response to Minsk "Dynamo" stadium. November-December will have a meeting — with the "Real" home and away with "Juventus". The main task — to stay for at least 3rd place in the group, which makes it possible to continue playing in the UEFA Cup. But why not wipe the huge height? Viktor Goncharenko’s ambitions do not exclude. In general, almost all the response to this will be known on November 5, after the match with "Zenith". After the shock of Russian professionals and fans finals game at the stadium "Peter" is the most common sports newspaper "Sport-Express" headlined on the front page: BATE — "Gazprom" — 1:1. "Zenith" — the Russian football club secured Premier League, which is financed by "Gazprom". BATE — cash outsider Champions League with a budget of 5 million dollars. In most European teams are more or less "strobing football" is worth much more. Tags: flag, BATE

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