Belarusians impose Chinese cars

Participants Chinese auto landing no secret that came to Belarus in order to search for partners to build cars here. According to forecasts, in two years in Belarus will be up to 10 Chinese avtobrendy and more of favorite it would be appropriate to organize the assembly of Chinese vehicle. As the representative of the company «Chery» Zhou Inchzhe if governments 2-states support the proposal, joint projects can be successfully implemented. At least, businessmen from China noted the attractiveness of the Belarusian market. How are similar prospects spetsy?
"Chinese" and "nice car" — two different things
Anatoly Shevchenko, who not so long ago removed from the post of chairman of the Belarusian Federation of cars in favor of Transport Minister Vladimir Sosnowski, convinced in the assimilation of Chinese cars in Belarus, which "will not stand up to scrutiny" with the first viewpoint safety, it is necessary to find personal interests:
"Totally maybe people willing to assist the state. Generous purpose. But what in fact is behind this, I think you are well aware. Here involved not only municipal interests. Not a municipal plant will produce those cars, right? As a matter of fact for all worth it — we can only read between the lines. In other words, you just need someone to assist earn money. At what price? Price that all reality in other places, "truncate" and order: need to take these machines here! But this is unlikely to be. Since all well aware: to suspend the unreal, because people already have traveled to sturdy cars. And who train on a solid car, never peresyadet on "Chinese" or the same "Samand".
Potential area under Chinese assembly plant assembly called Stream joint venture "Unison". SP is the successor of the plant "Ford Union", where in the late 1990s began assembling cars and vans "Ford." But the thing burned because neobmyslennoy economic policy. At the moment, "Unison" each month provides several Iranian machines "Samand" from kits imported from Iran. Made on the basis of outdated "Peugeot 405", "Samand" almost against his will suggest themselves economical organizations. Private traders to offer themselves to bestow machine for 12-14 thousand dollars until "peck." Journalist who writes on the subject of car, Nicholas Dyabela not believe that the fate of Chinese cars will be other:
"I do not understand how the Belarusian producers, who are also I think, not very versed in market conditions, specifically agreed to collect this brand here? Whole world, Our homeland and even collect world famous brands — BMW, "Chevrolet" and others. And for some reason we decided to involve unclear which manufacturers and collect there. Their no experience, they are not at their technologies. And the fact that they borrowed from the French, it seems, and it’s not ideal. Why directly with the same French do not collect "Peugeot 407" or other models that are already in a couple of years ahead of these "Samand"?
Belarusian authorities are lobbying Asian presence
Buddies wonder: where power went out and brought many municipal addresses, where, besides the Iranian car, you can arrange for the same Chinese? Even official dealers do not believe that it is time to create a Chinese cars in Belarus. Director dealership brands «Chery» and «Great Wall» Sergei Varivoda believes that the capacity of the car market in Belarus is not yet sufficient for the organization of assembly plant here. According to forecasts, by 2010 the sale of passenger cars in Belarus is 50 thousand units of their "Chinese" can take 10% of the market, and when you save a number of criteria — segodnyaschy price of the products, increase the level of properties and certification standards Euro 4 expansion of the dealer network.
Chapter liquidated Association drivers and vehicle owners Oleg Markevich also inclined to believe that the decision to attach to the Chinese auto Belarusians not justified by practical necessity:
"Chest as they say, just disclosed. And sticking out of it Asian, read — Chinese ears. As a trial balloon was broadcast on one channel BT. Belarusians have wondered what kind of car they would prefer — the latest Asian or European to use the former? But our Belarusians not caught with chaff. They preferred though old, but European models. Since the Europeans themselves. But, as Vladimir Vysotsky sang once, "if decided, then by all means drink." Power does the same: not paying attention to public opinion, lobbying their silly, Asian and Chinese. Indeed, the role of the elder brother smoothly defected from adjacent RF to distant relative — China. "

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