Belarusians often change their profession in adulthood?

In globally it became quite common practice — each recruitment agency separately engaged counseling those who dared to begin the latest career. The Belarusian society, people very rarely go to such basic steps …
Lena Pakhomov, lawyer, for the first time in my life took a violin in hand, when she was 20 years old. Violin — tool is very complicated, and it is believed that begin to play it can be only in early childhood, starting later simply makes no sense. But Lena has second year studying in Minsk sector pedpraktyki music school and a year in this school is preparing to do. Why she wants to study music masterfully?
Lena"Doing just myself — I think it’s not quite finished goal goes. Given that I tend to while he was sitting, hunt to bring this matter to an end, that something came out of it worthwhile. Not just to play in the midst of friends and before relatives, and that it had its own character and purpose in the future. "
Lena 26 years working as a lawyer, she has a wife and small daughter, but it still does not prevent her to seriously pursue the violin. She hopes that will become a real specialist and will play in the orchestra.
Commented psychologist Olga Andreeva:
"Will, commitment allows people to be very effective and have severe dignity to those people who began his musical career in early childhood and without his motivation, parental pressure, and later or thrown, or like that drudge with a hatred of music. "
The man who realized in his own profession, usually feels happy and it is not going to change. If there were still any doubts about the previously chosen path, you should not rush to change, the director of Recruitment Natalia Zotov. Profession can be changed to 30 years later would be too late — that of its pragmatic "kadrovika eyes":
"Changing a specialty, especially in adulthood, indicates failure in the chosen profession. This is unfortunate, for me as a loser for the personnel officer, for rekrutera. This fact for me is always a show — people did not take place in their own profession and wants to bury years of life in the sand, move on to another profession. I his chances of success rate smallish. "
In the latest career opportunity for these people do not believe Mrs. Zotov. Hardly a bad accountant will be a good designer, especially if you decide to change their profession in 40 years:
"Sometimes, I received a resume and meet with people. When I see that man, for example, was an accountant and later defected to the sales staff. Worked for three years and that the merchant finds a job. So, here in the midst of them I have not met any "Stars." I have become not meet with the people who did not lose his time to talk, because I do not usually find them in the midst of people with some kind of inner potential and strong with the highest level of professionalism. "
Those who are still willing to risk and change their profession, Natalia Zotov recommends choosing related specialties. So, freshly baked lawyer who knows accounting matter will be highly appreciated if the legal advice will companies.
Psychologist Olga Andreeva believes that if a person feels his own dissatisfaction with the profession, then it should be changed in any way and at any age. A man must be true to yourself in every case, says psychologist. But be aware of what you want — funds or classes for the soul:
"If a man has a livelihood or their needs are not very highest, he can do something for the soul. He can afford it for themselves. If people can not afford this for himself, he must, for example, to feed the kids or he fairly claim to the highest level of life, he must learn to use their facilities, where it will be well paid. "
Previous Minister of Labor, economist Alexander Sasnou implies that when a person in adulthood found an exceptional opportunity for another profession, it will find its place under the sun in all economic realities, even in limited Belarus:
"If it’s true potential and it is justified, he did something — then it’s fine, it’s fine. And the economy has no effect on what people found themselves. Principal, he can in Africa, he can tribe yum-yum but he found within himself something that other people have recognized this. immaterial Because Belarus is, the United States or Paraguay. " Tags: profession, tables, age, Belarus

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