Belarusians pagreyutstsa of the Olympic flame

The only Olympic torch was in Belarus almost 30 years ago. As part of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 in certain types of competitions were held in the Belarusian capital.
Only in the history of Belarusian fakelanosets — triple Olympic favorite in free wrestling champion Alexander Medved. It was he who lit the Olympic fire at the Minsk "Dynamo" stadium in July 1980.
In helpers torchbearers — gymnastand
His assistants were at that time member of the USSR team in rhythmic gymnastics — 18-year-old Tatiana Trofimovitch and Galina Krilenko.
Currently Tatiana Trofimovitch — Director of Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve. But the actions of almost 30 years ago as it is now recalls:
"Strikingly was, I would have said. Since, in the 1-x, such arena! While we were in the palaces, but that of many people, of course, never did. This in-1’s. Vo-2 surely, the word Olympics caused exalted state of mind is satisfied excitement … We podymali along the stairs, braked in the middle, where the audience sector, and has specifically stair clearance Bear ran up himself. And after the fire leapt over our stadium . Frankly, any more pictures like these brightest hard to remember. Essentially one of the most striking images in my head, in my heart. And it’s true. "
Interested Tatiana: what was explained specifically choice of candidates — the most powerful fighter Bear and two lean gymnasts.
"I do not know who and how to choose. If braked on calisthenics, then apparently proceeded from the fact that … I do not know, maybe some purely external data is first considered. We then have acted, had thin, fine .’s hard to say, of course, I did not participate in the elections. But it seems to me, not just random devchenok took, just because a cute appearance. Probably also chosen from among those who have ever did something Belarusian sports. "
Tatiana at the Trofimovitch Time waschampion and Russian Union Galina Krilenko — world champion in group exercises.
Belarusians Olympic ceremony not interested
The following week torch relay, conquered Greece, set foot on the terrain of other European countries. Press attache of the State Olympic Committee of Belarus Piotr Riabukhin explained why the route of the torch comes Belarus:
"You just have to submit a request to the NAC, the route passed through the country. But we have not filed such an application. Better to focus on preparing for the Olympics itself. After all, it do you need to organize security, organize route, groups welcome, delegations. And all of this funding — the cost of equity. And eventually accumulates a very large amount. Better these funds had spent on physical culture and sports, to build any sports facility for children. With one side. And on the other — it is the executive committee of the NOC shall resolve such issues, but the question itself is not open a discussion. "
Sovereign Riabukhin does not know which of those wishing to carry the Olympic torch citizens of Belarus. It only specifies that it is not necessarily must be Athlete: virtually any person can bring an application to the befitting International Olympic Committee (IOC). The organizing committee and the IOC considers it based on some outstanding properties applicant decides: whether he is worthy of such honor? As a mediator and his accomplices representatives can act as National Olympic Committee of the country, but as stated my companion, the Belarusian NOC no such advice is not requested.
Currently in the Museum of Olympic Glory NOC opened last year, kept three torches. Alexander Medved historic torch he lit a fire at the Minsk "Dynamo". Almost similar torch handed to the museum repeated rekardmenka world athletics Maria Itkin he also trimmed the symbols of the capital of the Olympiad, but its origin is in the NOC can not explain. There is also stored Torch 2006 Olympics in Turin — its all delegations were awarded during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

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