Belarusians were awarded for the revival of Poland

Order of the Renaissance — the highest merit Poland. He has three degrees: Commander’s Cross of Cross and Cross Cavalry officer. They are rewarded for special awards to the Polish state. With historian Oleg Latyshonka told our correspondent.
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy‘Sire Latyshonok than you determine to Poland, so that marked the highest merit? "
Oleg Latyshonok"I can repeat what President Lech Kaczynski read all present during a ceremony. He awarded all participants shared on 3 underground — military, post-war and underground 1970-1980s that fought against the communist regime. I like just go up under this third underground. "
Rakytskyy"This is your first activity of the 1980s in the" Solidarity "?
Latyshonok"I participated in the underground structures of the" Solidarity "and the Bialystok region engaged in clandestine edition newsletter, for which he was arrested at 8 months."
Rakytskyy"Solidarity" was very tightly woven with the Catholic church. Belarusians in Poland — mostly Orthodox. So they broadly supported the anti-communist and democratic movement in Poland? "
Latyshonok"No, on the contrary, the vast majority of them were against it. Necessary to keep in mind that the Belarusians associated situation of so-called People’s Poland with Improved sanitation Poland. As a historian I can say that, certainly, in the Polish People’s Republic was Belarusians better.

In general, Belarusians and made his national anti-communist opposition, which had links with "Solidarity", but only as a partner. Belarusian opposition before fighting for their interests. They had their own mentarav in those senior figures such as Socrates and Turonak Yuri Azarov. But most of these were young people who realize that no matter how Belarusians lived there before the war and after the war, it is necessary to fight for the future. And no future we did not expect this already putrid system.

We were driven to the reserve. We stayed only folklore and poetry.

We were driven to the reserve. All communist countries and in public relations and civilization lagged behind the West. A minority of our near Bialystok was also reserve in the reserve. We have remained only folklore and poetry. I think that his performance in the fight for normal society, we have extended our national existence. "
Rakytskyy‘Sire Latyshonok, Belarusians were really only a minority government in Poland, which supported the "Solidarity" or became her partner? "
Latyshonok"I would not say so. Absolutely not so long ago, my friend and I was like, Ukrainians, who of us that have done more. Certainly, Ukrainians were also way affiliated with this partnership, they too had their clandestine groups. But one needs to keep in mind Belarusians live in Poland on their own ethnic places, and Ukrainians in Poland — is in most own, unfortunately, immigrants, victims of the post-war communist regime. Maybe because develops recollection that we quantitatively more than other minorities. "
Rakytskyy"20 years have passed since that time. With current positions — or hopes of your struggle?"
Latyshonok"Not all, but to a large extent justified. We simply could not have such facilities and do so much in Poland, if we do not change. But we even such frisky late communist Poland did not wait. So I think we could be doing much more to do in the 1990s and first 2000s. Many chances did not apply. But not all of us Polish Belarusians depended. Here too entered politics us stronger force. "
Rakytskyy"We can say that the dialogue between the Belarusian minority and the state is now happening productively?"
Latyshonok"I would not say that quite fruitful. I take your word for word because merit and the president said. Lech Kaczynski stressed that he wanted to demonstrate that justice prevails, though not fast, but until he president, he will find people who were noted to Poland, and will be their reward. I think that in general will not be as great as it could be, while there will be a situation in Belarus continues. Even large quantities of friends and fans, we are not able to deploy this wave, which at present bears all the time. " Tags: solidarity, order, Kaczynski, Bialystok, Latyshonok, Wapa

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