Belarusians with the children remain in the cave

Attorney Bekovsky area Penza region in an interview with Alevtina Voltchkova our radio confirmed that in the midst of the ladies who left the cave, there is a Belarusian. "It will not be deported until from Russia because intensively involved in the negotiations," — said the prosecutor. Next she said about padtaplenne caves and the need to save people:
"Persuaded these people leave — seven men, ladies. Others still remain. They are negotiating. Fact, that there is a real danger. That it was not, then the negotiations were not held. The danger is real, and so every day to persuade them to leave. "
NEWS Nikolsky the probable release hermits contributed to the fact now I managed to talk with Anya Vabishchevich. This is the eldest daughter of the family of Alexander and Inna Vabishchevich who are hiding in a cave. Anya now lives with his grandmother, along with his younger brother Vlad. The girl starts to talk also with announcements. Says that in the end the local government began to help the remaining children:
"Yes, at the moment we are helping. Help — currency. It brings home the postman."
Earlier grandmother Galina Vabishchevich complained to the main problem of the family — becomes impracticable contain cow. The girl explains that cow to grow and now she gives milk.
"All we have now is excellent. And we learn in school is excellent, evaluation — 6 and up. Pupils and teachers treat us well."
Some pieces of the conversation, when Anya Vabishchevich weeps and calls for their parents to come back, I do not use the air of moral judgments. Make it so the doctor recommended chief municipal Russian Scientific Center for Social Psychiatry Lena Shchukin. According to the source, experts at this center from the beginning involved in the negotiations with the reclusive:
"Of course, it is psychologically difficult to be there already. Negotiations were conducted with them long, long time. And it brings positive results."
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground shelter near the village Nikolsky Penza region among 28 cultists are 10 people in Belarus, among them two kids.
First, in November 2007 35 people (in including — four kids) took refuge in the basement equipped with advance Bekovsky area in the Penza region. Hermits chose to remain there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come to an end. By the isolation they prepared painstakingly accumulated stuff for life and food.
With the outside world connects only hermits vents. Through him, police and the local administration negotiate, persuade him to come to the surface of the sectarians. Those lists in response to signs of approaching disaster. And in the case of intervention, if they try to get power out of the cave, threatening to burn themselves or undermine it.
All hermits — followers Pyotr Kuznetsov, against whom police have opened a criminal case under article "United encroaching on the person and the right people" and "incitement to hatred on religious grounds."
According to the police department Kobrin, Brest region, Pyotr Kuznetsov visited Belarus a couple of times. In July 2007 he was sent abroad for violating the rules of the country of registration of foreign people.
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground vault in the current time among 28 cultists are 10 people in Belarus, in the midst of their two kids.

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