Belsat relies on the support of Europe

Director of "Belsat" Agnieszka Romashevskaya told where and in what towns were detained and in whose homes were searched.
According to Mr. Romaszewska, all the journalists who have been the subject of attention of the KGB suspected in honor and insult pluses chapter Republic of Belarus.
Main defendant in this case — Oleg Minich, creator of satirical cartoons, which the hero performs a character similar to Alexander Lukashenko.
On Air "Belsat" really shows these cartoons, but the people in whose offices and apartments was prepared search, no relation to him had not.
G. Romashevskaya hoped that not only the Polish Foreign Ministry, and appropriate structures of the European Union will make drastic measures to stop the wave of repression against journalists in Belarus-independent.
Radio The radio director Victor Stahvyuk said the situation with the "rights" — one man was arrested, and in almost all persons working with the radio searches were conducted.
At a press conference attended by representatives of the Euro Radio Belarus.
Now in Poland communications channels important information number one — the current actions in Belarus.

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