Bezrukov film about Russian fairytale heroes makes its way to the viewer


What to do if your sister stole evil scum?
Today, few of the children could correctly answer this simple question. But our grandparents knew exactly: you need to find a good defenders, warriors and … forward to a fairy tale. So does Sasha schoolboy Bogatirev of the new film by Sergei Bezrukov "The real fairy tale."

However, he is faced with one unforeseen problem — fairy tales anymore. In the fairy tale characters, nobody believes fairy tales do not write about them, and they go out of desperation in our lives. Codnim condition — no one needs to know about their "fantastic" past. Now Vasilisa the Wise — a teacher of literature and Russian at school, Ivan the Fool — a former Navy Schnick with headdress in the form of a parachute,


Sinbad the Sailor turns to his uncle Ashot and the Goblin — a homeless person.


It is well settled only Kashchei Immortal (now tycoon, founder of the charity "Help the Children")


— He had burned all the endings of fairy tales that children do not know how they should terminate and cease to distinguish between good and evil. Only one copy is for Baba Yaga, and read his little sister Sasha. During this Bag of Bones turned her into a flower … And here and the fun begins.

For Sergey Bezrukov "most interesting" began two years ago when they, along with director Andrew Marmontova wrote the script of this tale, and began work on the film. The shooting took place against the background of the colorful architecture of Kazan, and a small part — in Prague. Of particular note are extensive and powerful battle scenes, full of special effects and stunts — they put stuntmen who worked with Luc Besson.

Separately, it should be said about the actor's work: Ivan the Fool plays he Sergei Bezrukov, Vasilisa the Wise — his wife, Irina, Koshchey Immortal subtly and thoughtfully implemented on the screen Leonid Yarmolnik. In his game even sounded lyrical notes — think, can we imagine Koshchey Milyara genius in love with Vassilis? And here — please! In general, turned a touching dramatic story for family viewing in the best traditions of the old fairy tales Schwartz and Gorin, when adults can unobtrusively, with humor to talk with children about the most important.

According Bezrukov


mother of a focus group after the trial show in one voice declared: "This is the first picture, after which I would like to talk with their children!" That is, before, during the existence of commercial cinema was lost culture of children's films, as well developing in the Soviet Union . "I expressed these thoughts even 2 years ago, and then they suddenly coincided with the opinion of the president," — sadly ironic actor. — "All confirm the presence of a serious problem — the lack of domestic tales — but nothing really gets done. No help at all this time I have not received. I do not in any way condemn foreign cartoons, but it's a completely different culture! And this movie is unlikely to want to put in the rental Cinema: where "Transformers"? Superheroes? Special effects? And if you're a child at night tales to tell you that, start saying: "There was a light on Pokemon. And there was his brother Shrek!? "No — you will return to the Russian national heroes — Baba Yaga, Ivan the Fool, Vasilisa the Wise. And at the same Prague, where we spent part of filming — everyone's favorite fairy tale, which see the New Year for many years in a row — "Frost"! And there Czech fairy tales, no matter what quality they are, go to the box office cinema on a par with Hollywood films. This means that people understand how and what you need to educate their children. "

Bezrukov realistically assess the possibilities of the picture compared to Hollywood "masterpieces", but as Ivan the Fool from the fairy tale continues to stubbornly believe in the best and dream about the shows on the big screen. With the same purpose — to prepare public opinion and enhance the "word of mouth" — Sergey and his wife Irina arrange trips to cities in Russia, meet with spectators and journalists. In addition they are going to visit the Voronezh Penza, Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Tagil. And since early November — to arrange premiere in Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg and Astana and Dnepropetrovsk. If it works — and then personally agree with cinemas on budget shows for low-income families. The actor was not discouraged: "For me — this is a big fairy tale, where you have to go through. But I believe that the lucky fools. "

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