Bondar: The verdict is to scare young people

In Minsk Central District Court second day lasts tribunal over protesters January 10 businessmen who blame participation in mass mess.

Hanna Sous: "Alex, tired after a 2-day trial? Alexei, what day was more complex, yesterday or the present?"
Alexey Bondar: "Yesterday was a busy day. Now almost slept the whole process. In the courtroom is very cold. Already had the mental lethargy. Since eyewitnesses endless witnesses by police officers, later examination of the written materials of the case, the process is not very entertaining."

Sous"Alex, you are a lawyer, graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Law, this is for you somehow assist in the process of the court?"
Cooper: "Of course. I know perfectly and the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, because I’m curious, of course, is not all build from the outside and be in the process. Naturally, be in the process as a defendant is not very good, but I am not ashamed that participated in the case. My colleagues, who blame along with me, it’s very conscientious, excellent young people. What about the legal aspects of the case … I see some things that are not hard to see a lawyer. "
Sous: "For example?"
Cooper"Not very well doing their duties the same prosecutor who does his duties in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure. Now referee is a lawyer Pavel Sapelka immediately saw things considered written materials and photos began to consider and call our names, although is prohibited, as is not yet established, it is exactly what we in these photos. "
Sous"Alex, I wanted to invite you to my colleagues to comment on a report Lunyova Lyubov, who was present at the trial."

"Love is very well told about current tribunal, but I would not be so categorically state that the arbitrator for example acts of power. Seen that she tries to make a deal because you have to. Naturally, it is very nervous. But read about complaining I would not. Prosecutor in this sense for me a very nasty man for some reason. According disgusted seen. After all, he is very odious such prosecutor. As I recall, he planted and Klimov. And about the Belarusian language too. There is not that forbade police, he said just the referee. that he can read in Russian. "
Sous: "When we passed a law practice have not experienced arbitrators who judge youth activists?"

I worked with the referee Alla Bulash. Her pit became clear after extensive trial of Dmitry Dashkevich

Cooper"Just with these — no. Practice, I was in the court of the Frunze district, where I worked with the referee Alla Bulash. Her pit became clear after extensive trial of Dmitry Dashkevich. She then made him the verdict."
Sous"Alex, you are a candidate master in chess, Say, can we build a mental court game to defeat?"
Cooper: "The Tribunal is still power, Reggio, in this case. With this power in the mental game play is not necessary, since it will always overcome, as it applies forcibly tactics. A mind is not applicable here. You glance at the sovereign Pavlyuchenko. It is the mind of the regime. Sensibly court can assist a little, but by the regime — no. "
Sous "Alexey, I asked Poznyak addressed the participants of the current process to the accused, to their colleagues, relatives. "


Pozniak"For these young people, who lives at the moment in a difficult time destroying our culture and homeland, I wish that everything they think and do, that all good measured Belarus, that the Belarusian language and culture for their steel saints. defend and assert these values must always and everywhere, but first in your own heart and your own head. And in life you need to avoid impurities. positions in the public and in public affairs should be avoided Russia. It unavenged blood of millions of Belarusians, and it should be always keep in mind. "
Sous: "It was an appeal to the participants Poznyak Court of 14, including a late-night freedom Alexei Cooper. Alex, what do you say …"
Cooper: "I am very grateful to Zeno Stanislavovitch for his words of support and in general I wanted to express his gratitude for all that he has done for Belarus. We have tremendous respect for him, and this figure in respect of which should not sound like criticism. Indeed, the fact that he made for Belarus, for its independence, for the language and culture — has gone down in history. And I hope he has to play its historic role in the future. Thanks to you, Zenon S., for an appeal to us! "
Sous"You activist unregistered youth movement" Initiative "in the near future very many activists of the organization suffer from repression authorities. With what you associate?"

we are in the dock, and Andrew was the third month in prison in Volodarka

Cooper: "I attribute this to including the intransigence of our organization, our movement against the so-called political opposition to some odious figures that have become untouchable. Out some symbiosis of power and those people who does not effectively work for people who want that do something, do something for the best upcoming Belarus. Naturally I am sure that these people first we surrender to authorities, youth, first as youth has always been the engine of progress.
A warning about our persecution were long. And the 1st of our activists are even forced to sign a paper in the universities, it is not a member of the "Initiative". Also towards Andrei Kim and my side sounded warning of what awaits us tough pursuit. And see what it led to — we are in the dock, and Andrew was the third month in prison in Volodarka. "
Help Liberty: Guest Night freedom activist Alexei Bondar unregistered youth movement "Initiative".
Born in 1981 in the family of a soldier, in Russia, in the town Pochel Bryansk region. A year later the family moved to Belarus, in Gorodok district, where there was a military unit 94-017. There they remained until 1990, have not yet received an apartment in Minsk, where Alex lives and reality. Minsk finished high school number two hundredth later entered the Belarusian Institute of Law, one of the first private universities in Belarus. In 2003 he received his law degree with specialization of the "tax and banking law." Worked in various different firms, and was a commercial director and lawyer. Since 1999 he was a member of the Association of Belarusian students. In 2006 he joined the "Initiative" and became a human rights activist
Sous"You previously were that the policy you are still a child prompted heightened sense of justice — the first protest that Alex visited was Chernobyl March 1996. Alexei, and you had to get in jail before?"

,I hope that most people will get penalties, but still can be a restriction of the freedom to be one of us

Cooper: "Yes, I had to get behind bars. First time was late enough, taking into account that our youth is 16-17 years misses the sad recognizable insulator in Akrestsin. My first was his release in 2007, it was Day. And now you see … Everything is on the rise. Currently on trial in a criminal case. "

"How do you think, what will be the verdict in a court case?"
Cooper: "Unfortunately, I have a feeling not very great. I am an optimist, but here I looked at what is being done, on the face of the judge, pros
ecutor, and naogulna how they do this show. Hopefully, that most people get fines, but still may be a limit to freedom of one of us. About Andrei Kim there is another question. They never go to his apravdannne, as he had already served three months on Volodarka because a sentence is associated with pavzbavlennem freedom. And about We, the sentence would be such as to intimidate young people, and make an atmosphere of horror and terror in our society. "

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