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Vive valeque, Ljavon!
Not so long ago I acquired a "Belarusian-European Latin dictionary", compiled and published Barscheuski Collegium Eastern Europe in Wroclaw. Here is a book that a person does not dream and in the worst disasters of the night — because it is likely only in Java. Sovereign Barshcheuski translated about 4000 words in 27 Belarusian European languages: 25 official languages of the Member States of Euro Union, Croatian (language in the EU member-distant future) and Latin.
Belarusian-speaking another language is just a part of the decal only half of the booklets, which has 1040 pages. Not counting the main part of this dictionary contains tables Belarusian conjugations and declension; dictionary lexical borrowings Belarusian language; Belarusian-Latin dictionary of religious, biological, medical, chemical and other definitions; Belarusian dictionary of proverbs and sayings, plus a decent application in which can be Belarusian find numerals, personal names, names of toponyms and synonyms. Warned dictionary entry and instructions on how to use them, Polish, Belarusian and (as I suppose, for the sake of fun) Latin. Maybe it should be the introduction of another translate some of the least exotic language, and to satisfy the least experienced readers, but he — the one who needs, and so will understand. (Outlining benign Vrotslovskogo edition hardcover so carefully, as there is the same "spineless" abkarnanae edition of the dictionary for the people on the other side stripes Kerzana.)
Except for the Belarusian-Russian dictionary and issued only recently Belarusian-Ukrainian dictionary, in the world there is no other solid-Belarusian foreign language dictionary. Why? The most usual answer — because they do not need anyone. If Belarusians studying other languages using Russian dictionary, and the few foreigners who suddenly want rasshalopats Belarusian language can likewise popolzovatsja Belarusian-Russian dictionary.
Leafing through the dictionary Liavon Borshevsky, can poruha and another answer to the above question. Be decent Belarusian-foreign-language dictionary (say, 25,000 words) — and laborious task catastrophically nepriznatelnoe. For any Spaniard or Italian words eye and eye or grandfather and grandfathers — It’s completely different lexical items are not visible in no similar relationship. And so they should stand as separate line items in the dictionary, because without this dictionary will not bring them any help. Sovereign Barshcheuski specifically does so in its own multilingual index verborum, pulling some more complex forms of nouns and verbs in a separate line.
Any other leksykograf if he want to do something really useful for the Belarusian language, should act like. And every time leksykograf certainly not regret that there is no time machine, what could would travel back 100 years ago, and to clarify the spelling of Belarusian fathers, that they should conceive again, or transfer akannya and Yakan in Belarusian spelling (and even hang them for eggs a day, so that they think more foresight and evasive).
In this sense, as Lavon Barshcheuski leksykograf is practically the pioneers (besides, "the Belarusian-European Latin dictionary" is trying to portray to the same problem narkamavska-tarashkevichavskuyu current Belarusian spelling). If you take all this into account, it is no exaggeration to say that here at such people as Lavon Barshcheuski and holds Belarusian world (by his own nature, and deeply dyhatamichny schizophrenic) in the wider world. Long and good health to you, Leon!
Forstår De norsk?
I personally do not need to be convinced that dictionaries — is important books in people’s lives (as in animal life, if it dogovarivat things through).
From at least 5 years the only books that I read just for the sake of net pleasant, but not for zabitstsya time earning money or for evil wife — it dictionaries, general Norwegian. I’ve got pieces 9-10, divided equally into three main groups: one with the head of the bed in the bedroom, the other on a shelf in my office at home, and the third on the shelf above his desk at work. A regular Norwegian-Czech dictionary I have to constantly with himself — in his jacket pocket or in a bag, which I go to work. So just to catch the buzz Minutka spotless regardless of their geographical position.
If at the beginning of this century, I have longed to explore novanarveskuyu language to translate my beloved Tarja Vesasa, novanarveska problem-what-ever dictionary was for me with unprecedented sharpness. Try in Prague (or somewhere else) to find a decent Belarusian-what-what the dictionary (not counting you mentioned Russian and Ukrainian). So here, at first I thought that with novanarveskimi dictionaries will be similar — they do not exist anywhere else in the world (dei finst ikkje i verdet).
Means for themselves can now imagine my aslupyanenne when academic bookshop at Wenceslas Square in Prague, I found the most complete novanarveski dictionary, which only exists in nature — Nynorskorboka, year of publication in 1994! Dictionary stood there 5 years, I said a saleswoman, and no one to them I never asked. I was so happy that I did not even have thought, as I’m taking it if there usenka on novanarvesku — because it was a dictionary, which explains other words novanarveskae novanarveskimi words (on the other hand, if the child in Norway novanarveskay teach language, not explain it a new word novanarveskae novanarveskimi other words?).
Anyway, ice moved. Now, not counting the huge number of dictionaries on the Norwegian-Danish trasyantsy (bokmål), Which translates into British, Czech or Russian languageand I have said Nynorskordboka, Dictionary for students Engelsk-nynorsk, nynorsk-engelsk ordbok i absolute rarity, Norsk-engelsk ordbok since 1965, which gives English explanations of words from both Norwegian languages, bokmål i nynorsk.
At the moment, I think from time to time that a Maltese who suddenly want to translate own beloved Olgerda Baharevicha Maltese language will not be quite feeble. He not only will be able to purchase a second-hand bookshop in Minsk brand new five-volume set of explanatory dictionary of the Belarusian language in 6 volumes, and dictionary Liavon Borshevsky in Wroclaw, which will allow him to extract one significant foothold on the outskirts of the Belarusian language, where it can make bold forays into her subsoil.
Dictionaries are like watches
— Said Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), founder of the first really decent explanatory dictionary of British language (42773 articles, weight 9 kg, year 1755), — the worst is better than none, and the best cannot be expected to go quite true.
Transferable dictionary will allow us to grasp the whole meaning of the spoken. More or less that way: "Reading resemble clock — with the worst person feels better than without the smallest, and with the best can not hope that he will reveal all true."
But this same begki translation and not close to the aphoristic sayings elegantnastsi Dr Johnson (as is usually called leksykografa known in the UK). Of this translation can not be understand why Samuel Johnson belongs to the most frequently cited British creators, giving way only to Shakespeare. So he translated dictionary holding inside clues to everything that has been and will be written in a foreign language, though does not give a clue exactly what key in some hole insert. Next is the case depends on the translator, he dapasue key to the front door in a strange house, or open just a dark turn. Quod erat demonstrandum.

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