Boris Khamaida arrested for 5 days

As witnesses were summoned to the court only policemen who detained Boris Khamayda.
He was detained for what came to of so-called "The blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street in Vitebsk — with white-red-white scarf on the neck. Together with him to the police drove the Vitebsk district railway activist Lena Zaleski, who was also in the white-red-white scarf, and a representative of Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Antonin Pivonos that came to the "blue house" with white towel on which their own hands embroidered reddish thread the prayer "Our Father."
Mrs. Zalesskaya Pivonos and were executed by the decision of a judge of the same Roman Degoda currency fines still March 25, and Boris Khamaida claimed the tribunal translator, and the process was postponed.
Now as a translator for the tribunal was caused by white teacherRussian language secondary school number 27, but first process Khamaida Boris made a motion for the removal of the judge to whom he does not trust. The petition was not granted. Then Boris Khamaida refused to testify, the referee read the decision after questioning witnesses and reviewing evidence.
Scarves in state colors and towel embroidered on it prayerfully decided to confiscate the tribunal in favor of the country.

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