Bow to the courage of our youth

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the proclamation Belarusian People Republic in Minsk ended mass arrests and beating protesters. Students ‘Freedom’ discussions are this topic:


Lady: "How many times I bow to the courage of our youth. What happened on March 25, see the whole world. Izymatelstva over such people do not have in any country. "


Man: "The events of March 25 showed the global society that the world hockey championship in Belarus can not hold."


Man: "We need to hold events where the authorities give permission Minsk. Toddler pulled again into political games. "


Man: "lists of detainees, broken on March 25. But your correspondents are not dubbed surname or 1st adult uncle who organized it all: Lebedko Vyachorka, Milinkevich. It would be interesting to know how their fate? "


Answers to the question of the Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko


"I’m not deprived of the attention of the authorities. Hang on me two criminal caseswell, and because of this I am forbidden from leaving Belarus. As for detentions, when starts here such aggressive mass arrests, as of March 25, there do not look, they grab favorites opposition or bystanders. Come to the "Chernobyl Way" and look what they kept decently and with dignity. "


Continuing the theme of the event on March 25 in Minsk following calls:


Man: "Congratulations to the proud civilization March 25 — Alexander Kozulin also Ales Marachkin. Ales, hold on. If you really, intelligent, well-known artist in the world, accused neprelichnoy battlefield and give 5 days of arrest, it means that the current regime so rotten that further nowhere. "


Man: "It is sometimes said that if the change of power, all the police and judges who violated human rights, will be punished. Curiously, and who will punish them? With Stalin’s henchmen seems nobody has been punished. Not counting those, who punished other Stalinist executioners. "


Man: "I have a question to favorites opposition. Favorites opposition should not start protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of all people affected by the authorities?"


Chairman of the Committee responsible protection of the repressed "Solidarity" Inna Cooley:


"Today, human rights organizations and ordinary citizens carry out actions in support of the repressed people. To a large extent, of course, this applies to people who are heavily involved in the fight for democracy. And for the ordinary people who suffer from the authorities, too, have such an opportunity — to use advice of lawyers or human rights. "


Theme continues following calls:


Man: "Who would be against Lukashenko — in all cars and in the peninsula. It is said that he Teran, there it will not be dictator. The order will be the only way. And Lukashenka should work to addition time, until you say: "I’m going to retire." That’s it. "


Man: "March 25 in Minsk worldwide showed clearly what freedom and democracy in Belarus Lukashenka’s constitution."



Government has done a great gift in the day Will.


"’90, Almost century —

Arrested 100 people.

Cops, like those cats

Tore banners, posters.

In this manner of Belarus —

Like disease, cholera.

Read Kurnevich Valery. "

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