BPF photo

The exhibition is open at Masherova (former Varvashenya) 8.

Below — some photographs reflecting the history of the state of motion and Belarusian Popular Front.

Participants of the "Craftsman", the beginning of the 1980s.


On the second Founding Diet Belarusian organizations (Vintsuk Vyachorka, Viktor Ivashkevich Sergey Vitushko. Ales Land, Ales Pentecost).


"Grandparents", October 30, 1988

First (foundation) BNF congress in Vilnius, 1989 On the podium — Zenon Pozniak.


Starting extraordinary session Supreme Council  

12th convocation, which was proclaimed the independence of Belarus, 24 August 1991 (with a flag — Valentin Golubev, Zenon Poznyak, Olga Golubovic).


August 24, 1991 The Presidium Supreme Council MPs of the opposition Popular Front made White-red-white flag (Galina Semdyanova).

3rd congress of the Belarusian Popular Front, 1992, Yanka Kupala Theatre. Yan Matusevich acts (on the podium — Vasil Bykov).

Chernobyl Way, April 1996

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