Brest searched the apartment of journalist N.Chuhno

"The staff of the KGB in the Brest region A.Pryma, A.Ban V.Bez and taken away, according to a list compiled by them, my computer system unit, a number of issues of the newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "Audio and video, some brochures — only 32 things," — said N.Chuhno
More Natalia Chukhno clarifies that KGB officers Intriguing answers to the following three questions:
"Are you familiar with the creators of satirical cartoons about Lukashenka? What relation to the channel" Belsat "have these people? As their videos and films fall into the ether "Belsat"? "
According to the journalist, all these questions she gave negative responses: "not familiar, I do not know, I have no case."

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