BRITISH Navy air defense system under test / defense with a range of 200 miles

BRITISH Navy air defense system under test / defense with a range of 200 miles
July 17 said last week that a new destroyer HMS Dragon (pictured) made a Royal Navy launch ship air defense system Aster / Sea Viper missile defense system at the site off the west coast of Scotland. Missile at a rate exceeding 3 times the speed of sound, killed the target flying at high altitude.

Destroyer HMS Dragon displacement of 7500 tons in 2013 will receive a combat-ready status and will ship on the distant campaigns. UK imports of goods for which 95% is delivered by sea, the presence of massive Navy need.

Lieutenant Commander Duncan McRae (Duncan MacRae) states that this was the start presentation huge fighting abilities of defense / defense.

Shipborne air defense system / Sea Viper missile defense has so powerful military capabilities that can destroy incoming missiles at once more hovering at ultrasonic speed. Firing range complex is 200 miles. System will generate a «protective bubble» around the ship and strike group, and can destroy everything that comes in a 200-mile zone of destruction.

Engineer, Lieutenant Commodore destroyer Kevin Miller (Kevin Miller) states: «Any ship resettled 48 anti-aircraft missiles, but the missile itself probably only just a small component of the overall combat system, which contains advanced radars and massive computers.»

Destroyer HMS Dragon is considered 4 Type 45 class ship. Royal Navy ships want to take 6 billion cost of 1 euro each. These destroyers are registered naikrupneyshim and more massive ships own class when built for the Navy or the country. All destroyers will be based in Portsmouth. Lead ship HMS Daring arrived at the base in January 2009, the second HMS Dauntless in December of the same year, the third HMS Diamond in September 2011.

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