Buggy «Cheetah» spetsnaz

Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and material means («Rosoboronpostavka»), acting in the interests of the Defence Ministry, announced the auction in the form of electricity to supply 5 cars buggies «Cheetah» 1.4 liter created for special purpose entities.
This was reported in the press release «Rosoboronpostavki.»
Buggy — a lightweight frame car with a low center of mass and the highest permeability.
Powerful suspension is independent, small base and off-road tires acumen allows to rapidly move to an area that, at first glance, it is not designed for this.
Strengthened undercarriage allows not only to ride over rocks and natural obstacles, and make quite impressive jumps without much damage to the machine. In short, the perfect car for tasks commandos.
In accordance with the criteria of technical specifications required to have a light-road motor power 70 hp, liquid-cooling motor, mechanical five-speed box.
Main characteristics:
Length should not exceed 3.3 m
width — 1.9 m
height — 1.55 m
capacity of more than 240 kg
clearance should be greater than 200 mm
Buggy «Cheetah» 15 must be set-inch discs.
In the buggy must be installed bucket seats with longitudinal adjustment, four-point seat belts fastening lights distant light with increased reflector headlights also directed reverse lights and side lighting.
On the dashboard should be a tachometer, speedometer, and oil pressure gauges and temperature of cooling water. Cars must be painted in green color.
The auction is scheduled for October 25, 2013. 5 cars for the Ministry of Defense is willing to pay less than 2-million seventy-five thousand rubles.

In case of a successful auction, the favorite will have to put the buggy «Cheetah» special purpose units for up to 10 December 2013.

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