Business style will be compulsory for all students

According to the Deputy Minister of Education Casimir Farino, "Our task — to create a culture of wearing some clothes business style, fashion for school clothes".
In all high schools and gymnasiums but most schools business style introduced two year reversed. Fathers and kids have already faced such problem. Hear how to apply business style kids:

No jeans can not be

"I’m in 3rd grade. We already pronounced that you can not wear any jeans, but only school dress."
Reporter: "A school like for you dress, what you wear to school?"
"Not very much. Earlier we were strolling in jackets, and at the moment — in the vests. Jacket in not so, and a vest like that."
Reporter: "And it comfortable? After all the kids running around at recess? "
"In fact, not much."
Child: "Form in general I do not like. And, of course, understand that it is de disciplines. Demanded of us monochromatic shirt, jacket, trousers. No jeans impossible. It’s not quite so embarrassing, but if you would give us the freedom to clothes, it would be more convenient. "
Some ancestors did not oppose such ideas. Say, is to accustom the baby to dress perfectly and formally. Mom says girls

Buy decency blouse business style quite difficult

"Another thing — when it comes to practice, the purchase of decency blouse business style is difficult. Since what is in the stores, very often synthetic. Confess that I have blouse took the child in the store" Broadway "on 65 thousand, as it was the only place where they were natural and appropriate style. GUM, TSUM I could not buy, and my child is not wearing. Because there is a discrepancy between the good intentions of the country and the absolute inability to enforce these good purposes. Besides, idea that great, the kids, parents and the producers some clothes — they are quite different. "
Mom girls gave an example when the teacher forbade wear red blouse — say, such a color does not fit the concept of "business style" and distracting.
Chief Inspector of general secondary education Svetlana Prost said that 14 companies "Bellegprom" has presented about 300 sets odezhki options for pupils, of which 140 is approved by a special commission:
"Imagine: 140 models — select from 1 to 12 classes. Models fascinating. Too different colors, the palette from dark to gray, from dark brown to light brown. Prices are also different. I think it would be pretty models."
Ministry of Health produces advice for producers odezhki school — so there was little in the tissues syntetyki. NOT requirements, namely advice. A company sew a suit made from 100% paliestru and write, it’s not everyday, and outgoing odezhku. In the best case, you can find a suit for the boy from tissue with 33% wool shirt — a maximum of 65% cotton. Here are obliged to go to the kids syntetytsy, moreover, that offers Russian industry. And that is very popular with the children occasionally. While Belarusian designers and designers on popular international festivals demonstrate notable, noteworthy collection. Neuzh they can not create a collection for kids?
Designer and teacher of the Belarusian Institute of Culture Svetlana Dlatovskaya convinced:
"Naturally, it can be completely. I was a woman on the course Finchuk Marina, which has developed very fascinating from natural cotton fabrics, shirt and blouse were treated batik. She did magical things, could to offer this collection for the school and the kids could be like flowers. And it would be interesting, would be to make contrast complete collection. And put the whole class in the same style, but each would have its own system. Painters working on it, especially the young very often for graduation projects elect this topic. But for some reason continue to create, it does not go "

Color must be not colorful, not variegated

Each school will allow without the help of others to make a decision about color and picking some clothes and the Ministry of Education inspector says Svetlana Prost:
"The colors should not be colorful, not variegated, but which directly — may find the school itself. We allow a wide range of some clothes, but the school can narrow it. Decision on a perceived external educational institution. If, for example, the school has an emblem, it can be ordered on the form of the logo here, and kids will be joining voedinyzhdy that they are with this school. "

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