By days of internationally Against Homophobia

May 17, 1990 Global Health Organization removed homosexuality from the International systematization diseases. Idea of setting up a day or filed against Homophobia French writer and scientist Louis Georges Ten, so supolnastts recognized international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, especially in those countries where this orientation is still a taboo.
From April 17 to May 17, the Belarusian Internet portal gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual spent Month Against Homophobia in Belarus. The main goal of the month was verbovanie attention to the dilemmas of homosexuals in Belarus. Knows the admin portal Alexander Polujan:
"Virtually all activities that we had planned, passed, only two stocks — in Minsk and Gomel — we were not allowed to hold, although we wrote letters to the Executive Committee. In Gomel, we were refused, and in general of the Minsk City Council we have not received an answer, let us hold a rally near the monument to Mickiewicz or not.
A conference that we were planning on the web, and a seminar held in Gomel, and we believe that the results very great. About 50 media wrote about a month of, discussed our difficulties, did public opinion polls. And we believe that the outcome is, because people started to read about it.
If you have previously kept mum on people this issue, at the moment (I’m not saying all), but those who are interested in this problemsAtiku started open a discussion with your friends. Began to open a discussion some public organizations, the third sktaru how they can collaborate with organizations gay, bisexual and transgender people, as they can assist. "
In 1993, of the Belarusian Criminal Code excluded articles related to the persecution of homosexuality. But sexy Belarusian minorities have always acted in the criteria underground. Middle of the 1990s years wason several inconclusive attempts to register with the Ministry of Justice of Belarus league sexy equality "Lambda". Pickets, meetings, parties in Minsk club "Babylon", but at the moment Activism, sonorous events sexy minority is not satisfied. Published magazine "Taboo", there is an internet portal. Views on movement activist Lena, homophobia in the Belarusian society is, and the configuration of minor importance:
"Any configuration if occur — so it’s only young people. When you talk with the children, who, for 14 years — they may be, are more tolerant. I’m working at the moment with the kids, the children being treated differently if you gay — well, gay and gay. And as adults, seniors — any configurations not, as was the attitude towards gays and lesbians are not totally bad, and left. And I do not know what can change it.
Prepyadstviya by itself for itself No society for people: if you do not such as all — then you bad. And the attitude — when nabyut gay face, then do not utter why stuffed. Nobody will interpret that maybe do not like his views on life, or something else. No, just because you are gay, and everything. "Tags: homophobia

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