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KGB officers conducted massive searches in the offices and apartments-independent journalists. Comment listener:
Man: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty. I think that recovery actions duplicating and computer technology journalists and Radio The radio BelSat you misinterpreted. Journalists "radios" and Belsat in Belarus are not accredited. Because they are not journalists, and private persons, although they receive funds from these media, and not pay taxes. Thank you. "
Expression commented lawyer public organizations "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Andrei Bastunets:
"Searches and seizures conducted under Tipo criminal case, which is obviously not concerned journalists. Because this version, which gave the listener and which coincides with the MFA version does not match the version of the prosecution and the KGB. In-2, to be a journalist, do not need to necessarily be in the state of some publications. This is discussed in the current legislation on the media. On accreditation — yes, it is needed, but only for salaried employees of foreign media. Also note that in globally, Belarusian legislation and also accreditation — this is not a work permit, and a more appropriate criterion for professional activities. "
"Shame such power, who does not love their own people"- Posted in Best student of Nikolai Narovlia. On the topic of mass beatings and arrests of participants celebrating the 90th anniversary of the BNR on March 25 and the following call:
Paul Davydenko "Beloved "Freedom!" Our opposition is not able to protect working people. She is only able to take out part of the youth under the baton of power. Kozulin herded into jail and have forgotten about it. And they themselves at the expense of such craftiness earn for himself the capital: "Look, we are fighting against dictatorship." Result from that of the opposition — zero, and shame on them. "
Expression comments vice-chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich:
"We urge the combined reach Chernobyl Way, which will rise and social issues, and issues of revocation of privileges. And if there is a suggestion that the sovereign, how best to organize, then please come to the office on the BNF Varvasheni 8. I like the last editor of "Working", ready to listen to offers at least some of the working man. "
The following calls — on foreign policy Belarus and Russia, also the address of Governors:
Man: "Good day. Neuzh then you think, gentlemen, Putin and Medvedev that the Federal Government can do somehow on another, except as with Lukashenko headed? Or immediately give the position of President Lukashenko, or forget to do these words — "union state".
Man: "Anshlyusavtsy again bustled with so referred to as a constitutional act. And so the patriotic forces of Belarus should be in the appropriate form. "
Man: "I wish to say on Kipling. Belarusian people ever meet and say: "Lukashenko missed. Country needs a new leader." At some point it would happen anyway. "
Man: "That keep the Constitution of 27 November 1996, which is so sought Lukashenko. There is such a fascinating article 41: the right to strike. Gentlemen, enough to endure. Need to declare a strike and just not go to work in the municipal institutions. Ask specifically strike. Thank you. "
Man: "There is a ministry made Lukashenko "for show". It is called "The Ministry of Labor and Social defenseless." It would be nice for you, correspondents with this work. "
Lady "Good morning, "Freedom." Russian ideologists Putin failed presidency in his new empire. Belarus is another country, another world around. But Putin never forgive dvurushnastsi Belarusian friend. Lukashenko feels it and somehow try to appease the owners of their own even though the eastern barbarism towards the United States, to the civilized world, a day Freedom March 25. Will only a day, March 25, is with us forever. Thank you. "
Continue aaplet listener questions:
Man: "Good evening, "Freedom." I’m here on Lithuanian television event saw excerpts Khaschavatski movie, "Area" is called. Where and how you can buy this movie? Thank you. "
Yuri meets Khaschevatsky:
"I do not trade this film. Suppose will have a look around, let Download from the Web. I do not know precise address where it is located, but if you type in the search engine "Area", then surely you can go to these links. "

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