Can cash configuration in the U.S. dollar strengthened?

Tsigankov: "Reforms which has Ministry to spend U.S. money, called the most constructive time with plainclothes war. Prior to this the ability to expand and control functions of the Federal reserve system — it’s kind of the State Bank. Can these steps to suspend the likelihood of a recession of the U.S. economy and if they can stop the decline of the dollar? "
Chubrik:"What about the recession — it’s faster than the longer-term question is associated with the entire structure of the American economy. And then there is the question of the currency market and confidence in the U.S. banking system. From this point of view, these steps seem Ministry of money is enough for me right in the sense that it can be perceived by potential investors as a positive step that will contribute to a certain increase in confidence in the U.S. money market. But it is necessary that a certain time has passed, so people started to build that these measures have some results.
Tsigankov: "So Makar, if the increase in confidence, when foreign investment can go decisively in the U.S., it can strengthen the exchange rate of the dollar?"
Chubrik: "I believe that such statements and the beginning of such reforms can contribute to the strengthening of the dollar in the short term. Just as the market reaction, as a response to these decisions. But it would be quite speculative factor. And fundamentally, everything will depend on how the show itself in the U.S. economy the first quarter. This will somehow influence the buck. Again the same interest rates low until — and it does not contribute to the strengthening of the dollar. "
Tsigankov: "The U.S. is rightly considered One of the most liberal countries in economic matters. And now it introduces steps that increase control over municipal financial markets. How to choose the balance between the free market and the municipal regulation of the economy? "
Chubrik: "The question is whether it will control or it’s just securing any criterion activity. When there were certain deficiencies in those institutions that exist, it means that something needs to change in those institutions. If the government simply does not increase control, does not interfere in the activities of these structures cash (as, for example, in Belarus), but just puts a certain "rules of the game" — I believe it is quite justified step. "

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