Can we expect a sense of humor of the KGB?

On April Fools humor KGB now expect the young Social Democrats. Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Igor Rynkevich Aware of humorous flash mob with harsh overtones:

"We want to offer all the" vigilant "citizens of the 1st of April in the 12th hour to bring the KGB building all" offensive "cartoons on DVD or other media. Such animated films, where the characters are very similar to the brain where the Belarusian and very similar that his humiliation. "
Igor Rynkevich believes that this action will support a day of laughter-independent journalists who accuse of involvement in multi where Tipo contains defamation head of state.
One April Fools’ jokes "Narodnaya Volya" had continued in the form of trial and even preventing the newspaper. Knows the editor Kalinkina:

"It was either three or four year reversed. April Fool’s joke: wrote that in Minsk on a visit expected to Saddam Hussein. The prosecutor’s office very seriously reacted to this "false information", as usual. Despite the fact that we are specifically warned that it would be an extraordinary number, the date of the extraordinary … But they are particularly serious about all materials, even in today and even before the draw "…
But jokes distant from politics, no claims have caused recalls Kalinkina case of work in the publication "BDG":
"They wrote that the local CHP decided to use the remnants of heat for heating and river there will be live hippopotamus. People very seriously react to this, calls have been intensively, ask how they can assist, lead to feeding this behemoth. "

Belarusian bard Victor Shalkevich recalls joke on director Grodno theater during a total lack of 80s. Together with the staff at the theater they have arranged a series of ads: for example, "selling block flute." In those Russian Times completely similar joke could be continued — the charge of speculation. Was not the harmless content and other warning:
"Wrote: foreign citizen lift room. Telephone and its podis: Czeslaw Nemin. Specific joke, actually speaking. Director long walking through the theater and tried to find out who did . "
Correspondent "vyznat"?
Shalkevich: "Nope."

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