Cartoons have deposited in the KGB

About 30 people were in the square chain along Independence Avenue, holding portraits of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin, businessman Victor track and youth activist Andrei Kim. The rally lasted about 20 minutes. Some passers-by, which was much in this time on the area, approached the picketers.
The policemen drove into the courtyard of the Palace of the Republic three paddy wagons, watching the picketers were operational and movies. But the protesters were not touched.
UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko Pronunciation:

"I think we can only solidarity to fight this regime, with its aggressive attitude towards its citizens. That’s what our mental victory: we retook the square. Could all lay. I see that most of the people came because I — in "okrestinsky" clothes. But come, began looking into the camera. I think what we should do. If we wish that were the changes in Belarus need it mattersbe. If we do not stand in solidarity with journalists, those who are now in jail, then it will end. If no one person not come to the area, think that resistance culminated in Belarus. "
UCP favorite youth organization "Young Democrats" Alexander Shumkevich Pronunciation:
"I kept a portrait of Victor track, which is currently in the clink. He illegally sentenced to 15 days. And in a symbol of solidarity with him and other political prisoners, we came to the square. I am happy that everything went peacefully, we were not pushed away from the area and we were able to stand here as you want — it is a positive result. Not all who wish to come and overcome fear. "

I kept a portrait of Victor track, which is currently in the clink

Why did not the authorities dispersed the protesters now? According to Anatoly Lebedko, it was a very strong inflection of the authorities:
"Spring has passed and aggravation if not all, of the people upstairs had to think about. They ruined that practically with great difficulty did last at least a year. I mean, first of all, countries. 25th and 27th e-crossed here these efforts that was manufactured. And because apparently began more measured analysis. "
Youth Commission BSDP (Gromada) issued a statement demanding the release Alexander Kozulin and end harassment of other activists and media-independent.

Gramadovtsy urged people to April 1, at 12 hours to bring the KGB building in Minsk "offensive" cartoons. Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Rynkevich told:
"In almost all toons can be found character is very similar to our brain Belarusian, in which it seems that it humiliated. Such voluntary surrender" nyasmeshnay child guns "will help in the search for security services to end toons uzlamvanne door to the apartment office and seizure of journalists in the media-independent . Very basically to show solidarity with the media are independent to complete the pressure from the security services of journalists. "

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