Case of 14: first day. Findings

18:10 Building the Central District Court of Minsk left all defendants and Andrei Kim mom Tatiana. A car that drove A. Kim, two 10-ka present conducted applause and exclamations "Long live Belarus." Then riot police descended into a paddy wagon, which stood in one of the adjacent houses, and also left.

"Belarusian judiciary has once again reaffirmed its full dependence on the representation of power. Indicative even one example that when my friends and I, as the defendants were inside the judge to pursue our witnesses also admitted to the room, there was sitting prosecutor. Proudly answered all questions and was sitting, allegedly, it’s his job. What one can read. If the prosecutor and the referee work together and in between drinking tea, then what can be read. do not even kind of imitation and small separation of prosecutorial and judicial authorities " — summed up the results of the first a day or Misha Pashkevich.

All the witnesses interviewed by the police. Adjourned until tomorrow.
Managing the traffic police department questioned Vladimir Garkun. Traffic police have not answered why riot police called, why did not ensure normal movement.
The process resumed. SWAT police interrogated Dmitry Korshunov.

16.25 "Infidel policemen look testimony that their ranks flew snezhi. On that day in Minsk was very wet. Snow was not any. Of course, the authorities do not have a unified position collated. How many witnesses, so many points of view. Very often they are mutually exclusive, "- commented as" Freedom "vykazanni witnesses one of the actors Misha Paszkiewicz.
In court recess. Witnesses for the prosecution difficult to answer certain questions, largely been calls from Kim to the protesters to begin mass mess.

Karavaev stated that the protesters were carrying a banner for themselves, "directed against the municipal system and insulting Alexander Lukashenko." It turned out that it was written rastsyazhtsy "His sons did you give work and deprive us."
16:05 "We will always support the people who are fighting for independence"

SWAT police interrogated Yegor Karavayeva. He says that the protesters thrashed them hesitated and broke the glass in the bus number 100. Karavaev said standing at a distance of 300 meters. At this distance he beheld how the glass got into a fight, and even hear the sound of.

15:45 Interrogated Dmitry militsynyatav Siroch and Oleg Side. Specific questions about the actions of Kim, they say they do not remember how it happened.

An eyewitness says that Kim was going to share with the gramophone. From this expression we all laughed. In the protocol for this remark included Misha Pashkevich and Tatiana Tsishkevich.
Questioned eyewitness policeman Blishchova. He confirmed that Kim thrashed policemen Sychev.
14:50 Sychev
stated that Kim dealt him another blow in the face, near GUM, when the youth tried to break the chain of GAI. Andrei Kim denies this.

Began questioning the injured policeman Yuri Sychev

14.30. Tatiana Tsishkevich Artem Dubskiy Koipish Anton, Alex Cooper refused to testify. Andrew Kim agreed to testify only about the incident with the police. "We believe this tribunal absolutely illegal and do not recognize their own guilt," — said Artem Dubskiy of Asipovichy.
25 Fourteenth Defendant Vladimir Sergeyev Freedom paltumachyv why he refused to testify in court:
"I believe that the process is illegal and does not intend to participate in it, except that the last word will express their worldview. I think that some other defendants are going to act so …
The very fact of the process does not conform to the law and the Constitution. As evidence only videos and photos of unknown origin. That the harm that would be caused Tipo presented statements from utility companies, which were made under duress authorities. Neither 1st civilian suit to our the address was not "
The process resumed. The defendants petitioned, that police put the tribunal people. The arbitrator rejected
After the break, the commandos were not allowed in the tribunal of young people who were in the room before lunch. Now in the room are empty 4 lava about 30 people.

13:10 During the break, about the structure of the court: Zmiter Fedoruk"I stand here as the judge of people, innocent before the Lord for the fact that they have such beliefs, innocent before the Constitution, according to which it was allowed to march. Sincere heart They want change in our country, and do not support them — it would be just a shame. "
13:00 At the meeting has been adjourned until 14 o’clock. Lasted for interrogation of the accused
Misha Pashkevich talked to him, that he was involved in the action business is not so pronounced as Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov that "speculate" on this subject, and as it directly concerns him personally and his family. Explained to the young man that when his father once had to leave medicine and do a small thing, it is not because, as the saying Lukashenko, the successful development of the economy, but in spite of him.
Misha Kryvau replied that role in action on 10 January in no way violates the articles of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly and shestsyav. He told the court that the Constitution above "any regulations," referring to the practice that exists in the civilized European Cain.

Vladimir Sergeev, activist of the Young Front, refused to testify, explaining that the court considers this illegal and criminal proceedings.
Defendant Ales Streltsov member of the youth committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" said Freedom:
"I believe that the decision was made to intimidate young people show a little more weighty accusation kolkastsi people, Andrei Kim is nothing per se is not made to pull a huge responsibility. He did not allow forcibly actions against the police. They chose Kim, but in its place could be me or someone else. "
ACTION ACTIVISTS repression riot police on Google MAPS (NN.BY)
About "Motovelo" Stop commandos uttered end support group participants, so they went their own way in the factory police department. But young people waited for public transport and went back to the courthouse (

12:25 Most members of the group support and one pair managed to escape yards. Balance — 4 people — accompanied by eight commandos have already reached "Motovelo» (
12:05 Meanwhile in court none of the accused admitted his own guilt. The prosecution of the defendants based on eyewitness reports, photos and video footage (
12:00 After a little pause, and negotiations with the authorities escort of 15 commandos led support group further to the south-east on Lenin Street, the side street Trastsyanetskay. Comments Artur Finkevich"Do not give relaxed to support friends, who are tried for anything. Absolute powerlessness again confirmed SWAT hands."

SWAT drove about 10 activists of you
th organizations who came to support the accused, in the area of Orange Street, but they were not allowed to go to the metro station "May Day." Among them Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Katya Solovyov, Dmitry Fedoruk.Zmitser Dashkevich"There is one more lawlessness. Authority indicates that fears its own people. Fears kids having the courage to express their eyes open."

11:40 Petition regarding interpreter and of the process in Belarusian declined. The arbitrator explained to the fact that it is "aimed at delaying the process."

Favorite public business associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka said "Freedom" that many of those who now sits in the dock in Minsk Central District Court, he served in administrative detention in Akrestsin bullpen after the January action businessmen.
"These people have suffered for having expressed their solidarity with the businessmen. ‘Cause I do not have a moral right not to be here. We, the owners, are very pinning hope that the government will not create another cohort of political prisoners, they will not break destiny … My colleagues entrepreneurs who are now working in their places, but the soul and the heart they are the people who were close to them in the square. Morally they on the side of those people who judge our government now. "

11:20 Alexander Milinkevich referred to legal marasmus, when the question of whether the language in which the process will be carried out, the prosecutor determines the place of birth of the accused. One of the accused, Vladimir Sergeev, said that during the break, he heard on the radio set commandos sounded the order to squeeze out of their control youth from the area in front of the court building and detain 4 people.
11:00Referee Lena Ilina learned from each of the 10 defendants year of birth, place of study and work. The defendants have made an application, that paperwork in Belarusian language. The prosecutor Romaszewskaand requested the tribunal to meet this request and sent as an argument to the court’s attention the fact that, for example, one of the accused Misha Pashkevich was born in Russia. The prosecutor said that the accused, who speak Belarusian, correctly interpret the meaning of the "Law on languages" and explained his idea: "they even own petitions refer to the Russian language, and not the Russian" Romaszewski concluded that the accused push it requirement for political reasons. RefereeIlina said that understands the Belarusian language, but took a break and went into the office for a decision on the application.

10:40Favourite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich, who came to the court of the Central district to support the accused youth activists, said in an interview with Liberty:
"Internal solidarity in Belarus is very principled, although they have now and the outer support. The more people come to these courts, the more we become citizens. These people — it’s a beautiful wave, which came soon, very fundamentally, that these people do not become afraid. Yesterday I met with them, we are with them for a long time states consulted with lawyers, had read about how to behave. Their very untainted eyes, great grin … I felt, what is inside their powerful spiritual force their sense of the opposition called pros that they are not satisfied with the current state of Belarus, they wish to live differently. I’m just proud that we have this new generation. " 
Process began. 5 lawyers defending the accused. In the hall — about 70 people.

Andrei Kim is in the cell, where they hold the defendants brought from the detention center. Other defendants are sitting on the front benches. They are dressed in T-shirts, which is written in front of "I Love Belarus", and on the back — a quote from Article 35 of the Belarusian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly.Because some of the defendants did not even want to start up in the courthouse. In the hall was Lubomir Rehak, salting Slovakia, which currently presides over the Council of Europe and other European diplomats.

10:10 Support in the Central district tribunal came supporters of youth activists, accused of involvement in the mess
Among those who are already about the structure of the court — a favorite of the public business associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka, Chairman of the Coordination Council of individual entrepreneurs in Minsk Ales Makaeu, regional and entrepreneurial movement activists. Also policy Alexander Milinkevich, Inna Cooley, Statkevich, Pavel Seviarynets Igor Rynkevich, Lavon Barshcheuski, Anatoly Lebedko, human rights defenders Volchek, Ales Bialiatski. The tribunal came and representatives of the OSCE and the U.S. Embassy.
Commandos in civil and form one people miss in the court yard. Yet because of the slowness of the procedure is not even all of the defendants to this day can not get to the courthouse.
Recall that in the action business in central Minsk against presidential decree number 760, which was held on January 10, participated about 3 thousand people. A few 10’s were arrested and beaten. Against the 14 accused of participating in the mass mess. Here are their names. Alexander Barazenka, Alex Cooper, Pavel Vinogradov, Maxim Dashuk Artem Dubski, Andrei Kim, Anton Koipish, Kryvau Misha, Misha Pashkevich, Ales Streltsov, Misha Suboch Vladimir Sergeev, Ales Chernyshev, Tatiana Tsishkevich.
Barazenka, Pavel Vinogradov, Misha Subach and minor Maksim Dashuk will be judged later. They do not have time to read the materials of the criminal case, because the trial was postponed indefinitely.

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