Case of 14: results of a second a day or

All the young people were arrested for his role in the promotion business on January 10 in Minsk.
Process dubbed "the process of 14" because it — 14 defendants. But four people — a minor Maxim Dashuk Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Barazenka and Misha Suboch — Will stand trial later. They fit not acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, and because at the moment can not be admitted to the trial.
Second day trial of 10 defendants in the mass mess youth activists Misha Pashkevich, Vladimir Sergeev, Artem Dubski, Tsishkevich Tatiana and Alexander Chernyshev, Misha Krivova, Alexey Bondar, Andrei Kim, Anton Koipish and Ales Streltsov began with the questioning of witnesses, the police.
The commandos were not allowed into the courthouse all comers. The defendants stood together in the morning with your friends under the rain at the gates and to ensure that the tribunal not only missed their parents.
As a result of negotiations missed those accused said. Referee Lena Ilina warned that in the coming for the delay on the process to be punished as contempt of court.
Deputy Governor of Minsk traffic police Maxim Padbyarozkin referred to share business January 10 "orgy". He stated that the protesters were drunk, and threw neprelichno expressed skirmish with militiamen.
But he did not answer the question of who ordered the bus driver to move to the column of people. Defendants themselves were that beheld as a symbol of a policeman gave the driver to go to the people.
His subordinates Andrey Naumov, Alexander Suboch, Andrey Sheremet states that the demonstrators prevented transport but passed "first aid", and later, in general, released two lanes.
Voice Artem Dubskiy:
"In the midst of those witnesses who were the prosecution, there were those who honestly answered the questions that the prosecutor asked the referee. Were those who even contradicted previous testimony and did not lie. They gave truthful testimony."
If Alexander Suboch began to answer the questions of the accused in Belarusian, the referee said to him, that read in Russian.
Voice Anton Koipish:
"Forbids police witnesses speak Belarusian. When they started, they are very transparently hinted that do not need it. Quite clear attitude to judge us. Prosecutor It helps your questions and gives a clue to the witnesses that read".
Director of the branch company "Minsktrans" Alexander Radevich said he was on October Square, because I knew that there would be opposition rally. He talked to him that there buses brought students to skate. The question of why, knowing the unauthorized action, there drove the children, he did not answer.
Outrage aroused attention of the Committee of the economy that commercial enterprises because of the demonstration on January 10th lost 124 million 700 thousand rubles.
Shop "Gourmand" two hours has missed profit of 2 million 600 thousand rubles. It struck present, if we consider that the most expensive chocolates kilogram costs about 20,000 rubles. Supermarket "Central" and the restaurant "McDonald’s" stated that no harm to them was not. Doctors "fast" also said they were working in the normal mode.
During the examination of written materials of the criminal case saw significant contradictions in the testimony of the victim Igor Sychev. Arbitrator and the statements of the prosecutor lawyers responded that it simply did not warn about criminal liability for false readings.
Continuation of trial will be held tomorrow at 10 am. Tags: day, second, the process of 14

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