Case of 14: This brand-new form of chemistry

Convicted in the "case of 14" Pavel Vinogradov, Maxim Dashuk Tatiana Tsishkevich (sentenced April 23) and Misha Suboch the verdict.

On the porch of the court

Statement of juvenile offender Maxim Dashuk

the verdict was rather short:
"I was not very amazed this sentence, police surveillance scares me not." SMS message to the address of Radio Liberty:"
Suboch, Vinogradov, Dashuk — our "K.Kalinouskiya." Belarusians! Fight for their rights, for justice, for freedom.
Alexander of Ushacha


Telephone answering machine in Minsk 266-39-52, he works 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24. Pravaabarotsa Igor Rynkevich
convinced that this process is assured that in Belarus last political processes:

"We have increased the number of political prisoners and politically repressed. Since the restriction of freedom — it’s a very tough punishment: one step and a person can go to the area.
Again challenged the Belarusian democratic society and international society. At the moment, need a wave of solidarity with these people. After all, it hostage before the parliamentary elections, so that young people do not come out to the streets to later authorities could legitimize the outcome of the election campaign. "

One of the favorites businessmen Ales Makaeu
convinced that Belarus did not survive a court-independent:
"It is incredibly true wait-independent court, which corresponds to the Constitution. Sentences occur according to call on.

Very sad for the young people who at any moment can be held criminally liable. This insanity of the current system. "

christened the newest form sentences Chemistry

Last political prisoner convinced that Belarus is preserved only the formal side of justice, and its meaning is absolutely lost:

"At the last part of the process of the defendants were fined, as part of this latest trend in chemistry without the commandant’s office. And we have not enrolled in the political prisoners.
Power it has taken into account: if we do not respond to such sentences, where a man is tied to his own apartment, then this form of punishment will expand. "
Pavel Vinogradov said "Freedom" that he would continue to fight the regime.

"This verdict is illogical, but it was not for me nechakanstsyu. I expected a fine.
But I decided to exclude from the operation. But it will not work in them. I will continue to fight against the regime.

Have obviously neatly participate in various promotions, participate only in those with low risk of detention. " Verdict commented politicianSiuchyk:

"Neither the 1st argument against young people who came to support the business in the course of court proceedings has not sounded. I am deeply outraged.
I believe that we must ensure that these shameful sentences were canceled. To the police apologized. Once such will.
But rights must be fought at the moment.
From all this farce, which took a day or two, the most fascinating was how dressed.

Sentence commentsMisha Suboch:
"The verdict was sudden for me, because the logic of the process, he does not loomed. Eyewitnesses had read our favor.
But, on the other hand, it is the same sentence that gave the other participants of the case. We will certainly negotiate. " 17.15.
Riot police pushing people out of the yard of the court building in Minsk. 17:08.

Referee announced the verdict: P.Vinagradavu M.Subachu and two years of imprisonment, juvenile M.Dashuku — 1.5 years without sending them to penitentiary
Referee began to read the verdict. He found the defendants guilty. The prosecutor claimed Pavel Vinogradov, Maxim Dashuk and Misha Subochev two years of imprisonment.
Vinogradov: "The criminal case fictional"
Defendant Pavel Vinogradov commented the course of events:
"Hopes for acquittal not. I hope fine. Confirmation collected by the prosecution do not have real power, they are assembled with violations, the case generally stitched anyhow … There are moments when I do not even rally and protocols written that I attend and do some group action. Process showed that the criminal case fabrications. "
When an arbitrator punish two years of imprisonment, as the prosecutor asks, it affects its follow-up, recognized sovereign Vinogradov:
"But I will not leave his job, I’ll just fight the regime. But I will look for other less open forms. "

Suboch M.: "On the acquittal does not expect"
Defendant Misha Suboch comments on the process:
"I am pleased that the witnesses during the trial confirmed that no harm we have caused them not to and they have no claims to us. Even traffic policemen were that we did not beheld … I was on the last process in this case, in the past month, then it was much more heresy. Well, now the judge was enough Myagenkaya style of trial, he was not angry, not expel anyone from the courtroom.


"The peculiarity of this court is that now nobody even tries any legal confirmation even voice. For the first time beheld such anecdotal situation when the prosecutor generally, all claimed by two years of imprisonment without the bullpen. This means that people just "hung". protection in great detail explained to that all need to justify. For all is clear, we’ll see what the verdict will be. But it seems to me that the arbitrator knew the verdict as yet come out of the hall. "
35 Eleventh Referee Valery Esman
adjourned until about 17 o’clock, and went to write the sentence. 11:30 Defendants acted with the last word. Misha Suboch stated that he is a law-abiding citizen, as a businessman he has paid over the past year, 3 million rubles in taxes. And come January 10 to October Square with his wife and mother, who are also businessmen and to defend their rights. Minor Maxim Dashuk gave up the last word. Pavel Vinogradov
stated that on January 10 he went to the square in a symbol of solidarity not only with businessmen, and all citizens, because in the end the implementation of Decree 760 price increase for all. He recalled that Belarusian citizens by the Constitution have the right to assemble and protest. 11:15
Lawyers asked the tribunal to justify all the defendants. In their opinion, the preliminary investigation did not provide sufficient evidence of guilt. And when viewing videos were not identified the accused. 10:35 Prosecutor Lukyanov
aimed for all 3 accused of restraint of liberty for two years without sending them to penitentiary.
Trial resumed after the break. The first debate in favor prosecutor.
Youth activists, protesters business January 10, accused of organizing and participating in group activities that Tipo grossly violated public policy. 10 people have already been convicted. Seven of them were sentenced to imprisonment for two years without sending them to penitentiary, two arrested. Andrei Kim is imprisoned for 18 months. Another — student kalinovets Alexander Barazenka — declared in a criminal investigation. None of the accused admits his own guilt.

Maxim Dashuk

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