Casey: false accusations of espionage

Casey said the Emperor, "The Belarusian government own fears its own people. They are afraid of us and all those who are willing to speak in support of democracy. "
According to the State Department, the Belarusian authorities "again and again confirm this by their actions, let it be reducing our staff or these absurd accusations."
Tom Casey said that "the Belarusian authorities to find any excuse to try to divert attention from what is the real problem."
Recall that in the first analytical programmke Belarusian TV channel on May 4 chief of the center disk imaging and public relations KGB Nadtochaev Valery said that intelligence agencies warned the creation time in Belarus spy network running the U.S. Embassy Kurt Finley. According Nadtochayev, spy network, this group did not because of the "timely intervention of the competent Belarusian authorities." He said that "at an early stage have been stymied sample retraction Belarusian people in the criminal activity under" treason and espionage. "
"After the KGB activities for clarifying events functioning group decision preventive measures to restrict disposition. Belarusian citizens who are involved in illegal activities of this group, on behalf of the KGB were made official papyarezhanni.Takuyu form we use to keep people away from the dock to explain misery of their actions, "- said V.Nadtochaev.
By Belarusian side, Kurt Finley was a career employee of the FBI.
Earlier Charge d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore said that the embassy does not have spies working on areas of Belarus.
According to Moore, indicated in the plot to WT in March embassy staff Kurt Finley and Bernard Nixon are part of the protection of embassies and their contacts with the local police and the Ministry of Interior. According to Moore, to have such employees at the embassy — ordinary practice.
Bernard Nixon left Belarus in the summer 2007, and Kurt Finley left Belarus until March 27, along with other embassy officials.
Jonathan Moore said that Messrs. Nixon and Finley are not employed by the FBI. They are employees of the diplomatic service of protection, which is part of the State Department.

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