Castalia itself was not long!

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Held in Minsk Trials yesterday detained participants of the street action on day Will. The security forces broke up a rally on March 25. Detained 88 people.

Certainly that would not matter to a tribunal horrible, certainly will verdict

On the same day, Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the referees and drew attention to the fact that they occasionally endure very formidable sentences. "It is time to show a more balanced and selective approach to the use of such punishment as imprisonment," — said Lukashenko sovereign.
Man: "A matter of honor, heroism, consider the pros and our judges to land a man. Such a conclusion emerges from all these trials. And presently held a meeting at which Lukashenko gave a presentation. Certainly that would not matter to a tribunal horrible, certainly will verdict . In including and your radio brings news of what was seized and handed over to the Tribunal 4, there is judged two, put in jail the third to the fourth police raided … That is a violation of human rights. Lukashenko stated that they have made. Who? . "
Now most of the calls dedicated to action on March 25, also celebrating the 90th anniversary of the independence of the BNR.

I wish to tell the president how you do not love your own people!

Lady "I sorry beaten people. Among them, of course, there are my friends or my friends’ kids. But power is mistaken if it thinks that terror can be taught to all Belarusians goblets and cracklings as the highest values in life. "
Nikolai: "Power batons own people congratulated the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of a day or with our statehood. Castalia se was not long!"
Sovereign Ivantsevichy: "Office Naumova able to catch spies, raping their own people, but to fulfill their direct duties is not capable. So here, these rapists should be aware that the responsibility for such crimes at some point they will understand."
Man: "I hear that’s the report from Minsk areas. I wish to tell the president how you do not love your own people! "
Ilya Kopil, M.: "March 25, it became clear that much of the BNR know a lot of people. They all walked towards Yakub Kolas so peacefully celebrate this great prazdnichek. Among them was me. Only just returned from there. But power set a goal to disrupt the celebration. I just say that commandos snatched me my white-red-white flag. "

White-red-white stork patriot still proparhaet over prezydenturay

Penkovskaya Lydia: "In view of the state of health, I could not go to the meeting, but always listen to Radio Liberty. I wish to answer the question for me BNR. BNR — is a torch that illuminates the way to a bright future of my country free. "
Zinoviev: "With the days of Will, Belarus! Think that white-red-white stork patriot still proparhaet prezydenturay over."
Now we got a call:
Man: "I wish to appeal to Alexei Dzikavitski. Throughout Belarus not say, but on the road, Ivatsevichy, Drahichhyn, Kobrin plates more than 90% focused on Hot Bird, Sirius and Amas. Due to the lack of channels in plain language Astra unpopular. You promised the new year broadcast "Belsat" through Sirius. What’s new this issue you be able to tell? Thank you. "
Responsible managing editors TV news programs BelSat Alexei Dzikavitski:
"In the coming days of our channel starts the last part of negotiations with the company that owns the satellite Sirius. In the coming days are to be accurately understood, we ran across this satellite and when. How do I know wants to keep control channel and broadcast" Asters ", too, so do not few spectators accustomed to "Astra". Information about the decision will be on our web page and in the air. " Tags: review, share, BNR calls

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