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The word "curiosity" to the victims of the Russian regime, at first glance, it sounds unethical. Especially since, the word "joke", if you wanted to talk about the "joke of fate." But the nature of our memory such that feeling terrible crash after a couple of generations stsiraetstsa, giving place emotionless statistics. Only some personal oddities convey to us the living realization what happened.

Illiterate scribes NKVD belonged to his own work very seriously and systematically, and so did business "enemies" very facilitated

When looking through catalogs with the fate of thousands and thousands of repressed, then eventually almost physical level chuvstvuesch how empty it becomes the soul of the endless repetition of standard wording: of workers, of farmers, of workers, of farmers, arrested, convicted, arrested, condemned, shot, ssaslany, shot, deported … Even the abundance of names and titles villages of origin does not help this monotonous nothingness. And you suddenly realize — so it is conceived in order to even the memory of the innocent victims of this routine dissolved in acid. At one point, and forever. No jokes and oddities of fate! Because then ceases to be empty and no longer scary. Indeed, quite the 1st funny fact the whole situation of the Stalinist rave revives Vey at you with all your idiocy if abnormal people totally destroyed ordinary people, accusing them of Nevernever and most violations of the fantasy world of indescribable legislation.
Illiterate scribes NKVD belonged to his own work very seriously and systematically, and so did business "enemies" very facilitated upsetting all that the matter of the case had not. Name, date and place of birth, nationality, social background, education, and where I have worked, the article on which the condemned, punishment. Ultimately, the system had to recall a large mechanism that only zlazhanastsyu own work called ecstasy in such a black and uneducated public. Interests of the country, the genius of Stalin and the highest measure of social protection (it’s about shooting) — that’s what stereotypes had to give birth to the masses in this car.

Psychologically it was associated with the harvester to harvest, which under one level neatly cuts similar ears, and the process of "cleansing" and social selection should be seen as a matter of master, necessary and useful for the future, to build a new society to communism. Combine general — positive machine. Failure only people — dissimilar spikelets. And because the harvest is not happening, and if you wish, slip on a bed. That’s what show these same jokes and oddities of fate that are knocked out of the total order and the general comb like vortices that do not fit into a standard graph.
For example, not all happen just with the nationality, if so frequently encountered modifications "Belarusian-Polish", and social origin, when a brother of the workers, the second from the nobility, the third of the merchant class …

From time to time found "antykalgasnaya propaganda." And again — no real guilt for that person was sentenced to death, is not visible

In the end, the most seemingly significant graph — the fault of man — also nothing really says we do not. More frequent wording — "anti-Soviet agitation" — can varyavatstsa with "counter-revolutionary propaganda", but nothing is not evidence. They even wrote briefly by a diagonal line — a / c and k / p. From time to time found "antykalgasnaya propaganda." And again — no real guilt for that person was sentenced to death, is not visible. And how there could be issues! Said that, as with the intonation as looked in any circumstances, who is heard reacted to this … And so on to infinity! If anti-Soviet propaganda taught in institutions that she had not called for another as theater.
From time to time anti-Soviet agitation punishers try to give an extended formulation, and the overall picture, it adds nothing.
General Pavel Adamovich, Minsk district forester, lived on a farm Vandolina. Convicted February 14, 1938 for what militant attuned to Russian authorities, terrorist intentions expressed at the Governing Party and government, to capital punishment. Shot in Minsk bullpen March 7, 1938.
Athanasius Fedorovich Fedorov, a farmer from the City had 64 and also in 1938 went to perdition for anti-Soviet expressions and terrorist intentions. In other words, here and there spoke thoughtlessly. That skazanuv that thought, or just some troubled mess. And someone heard and told "where needed." And Athanasius could not speak and Fedorovich, and he still denounced. Think and act for themselves what you want. This desired to take the place of this or simply dislike this or general — such a nature, that to whom to inform, does not matter to whom and about what.
Adamec Lena Yazepavna, polka, 1903 birth. Hairdresser in town Braslaw. Convicted September 13, 1940 for 5 years in prison for Siblag ‘unwillingness to live in the USSR. "

Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for espionage connections promote own Tiffany

Mirmyl Nikolai Stepanovich, Byelorussian peasant from Berezinski district. June 23, 1935 was sentenced to five years of correctional camps for bodily harm for criticism in the newspaper.
Bessonov Zmitravich Igor, a Russian, an accountant on the farm, lived in Minsk. Participated in the liquidation of Wrangel’s army. April 14, 1933 was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for espionage connections promote own mother in law.
With teschami just bad luck. I do not know about you, but I was so embarrassed at an early age, so that not a few jokes around about mother in law, they say, mother-in-law — a priori persons insidious and almost aggressive. Embarrassed about it because in real life in a variety of families I have not beheld not only most of these "worst tesch", but in general — is the nomination of a special mother-in between other relatives discharge. And of tele and newspapers lasted general was frivolous about mother in law … Currently the topic somehow subsided. But it has become the latest force me out of file cabinets repressed. Specifically what it is — mother-in-law was often its main fault before the party, the government and the Russian people.
For example, Evdokia G. Perko-Zubritskaya Zazhevichi Starobin from the village area. Belarusian, from farmers, ignorance, collective farmer on the farm "foremost". In 1935, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison with the phrase "mother-in-law of the Polish intelligence agent." Not even a spy, and — mother-in-law.
Father and sons 2-Chartalysavyh, Belarusian farmers from the village cytes Mezhenskogo Vitebsk region March 11, 1931 was sent to Siberia, the term references are not specified, but it is clear that Father Yakov Ignatievich Chartalysav two years later died in exile. My attention was drawn to the wording with which the "troika" condemned all three — "an attempt on the life of the Komsomol." The wording of the rarest, although nothing too do not states. Is that about the extraordinary value of the Komsomol life.
It is clear that in the USSR, as well as now in Belarus, there were no political prisoners, only criminal. But everything is understood. And on the bunks were divided into criminals and political. KGB investigator who "wrote case", sometimes unconsciously "pragavorvavsya" on this topic. So, if in 1935 tried for counterrevolutionary activities biological faculty of BSU student Kase Constantine, he was given five years in prison, and in the notes to the case reported: "There was a jud
ge in a criminal sin." This means that the counter-revolutionary activities all the same — not a criminal, because I did not kill, not steal, not insulted anyone. Lost care, NKVD such makarom blurted.

Polish spies in the thirties practically flooded Belarus. At the same time, they did not come here the waves from the west, and here were born and lived

Thanks to ridiculous situations biyagrama standard occasionally allows you to reconstruct a person’s fate. However, this is not a documentary, but rather artist’s reconstruction. So I braked on the card Dmitry Vladimirovich Bogdanov. Russian, of the farmers of the village district Britvina Novasakolnikavskaga Kalinin Region, retired. How and why he appeared in 1938 in Minsk — is unclear. Maybe son, who worked in Belarus, took elderly father to discover, maybe there there were calmer. Well settled this Russian pensioner in the Belarusian capital in Novo-Sverdlovsk Lane, Building 4, first apartment here and took it. And as a Polish intelligence agent was sentenced to capital punishment. The long-term thinking, a day or three after the verdict in Minsk slammer shot.
Polish spies in the thirties practically flooded Belarus. At the same time, they did not come here the waves from the west, and here were born and lived. From time to time by Polish spies became whole Belarusian farming family and was all for it to be shot. This happened to a family from the village of Small Ashkerav Zhyberychy Krupsk district. Father Samoilo S., 67 years old, and her mother Sophia Ermalaevna, 60 years old, were farmers on the farm "Victory". As their daughter Hope. Scion Misha worked as an accountant in a general store, a scion of Gregory storekeeper kamnedrabilnaga plant in Orsha. For aiding Polish agent they were sentenced to capital punishment and 10 November 1937 in Orsha slammer shot.
If atrestsi head from the endless repetition of standardized language and understand the word "spying for Poland", then learned that here — theater. The family received the highest measure Ashkerav every 1st. This means that all spied for the full program there. Three quarried on the farm are very useful to the enemy information of Poland, one in a general store, and one — in kamnedrablennya. About that, for any information Ashkerav shot the family history archives in KGB-dominated silent.
Shpakovsky Gregory F., Belarusian, farmer, wagon master railway station of Minsk. Convicted February 23, 1938 to capital punishment as an agent of Japanese intelligence. Two weeks later shot in Smolensk bullpen.
Demyankov Fedor Petrovich, Belarusian, from farmers, initial education, factory worker "Dniprovska manufactory" in Dubrovno Vitebsk region. January 21, 1938 was sentenced to capital punishment as an agent razvedvorganav Land of the Rising Sun. Shot in the town of Minsk.

Japanese spies in the midst of the then Belarusians in Belarus — not much uniqueness

Japanese spies in the midst of the then Belarusians in Belarus — not much uniqueness. Uniklnym must admit the case of Alexei Violets, Belarusian village of Palyudavichy Vetrinsky district. He worked in the kolkhoz farm "Reddish Polotsk region." In the autumn of 1937, was sentenced to capital punishment and executed in Polotsk bullpen as "agent insharazvedki" (original — inorazvedki)! ..
So that is where our people have such an attachment to the word "foreign car." Ani own cars Belarus does not release nor Russian cars have long been not constitute the basis of our machine park, all move on VWs, Fords and Toyotas, and the word lives. "I bought a foreign car neighbor" — sounds a note of alienation, if not condemnation. How about Agent insharazvedki. It is unclear just what still it is. A man was shot.
Another thing is clear countries — Poland, Latvia, Lithuania or this one case:
Yong-Tian Si Vladimir, Chinese, Chinese laundry worker in Vitebsk. Sentenced May 28, 1938 to capital punishment for spying for the land of the rising sun. Shot in Vitebsk bullpen.
Not an isolated example, pay, please note that this Chinese was condemned as a Japanese spy May 28, 1938. The same thing happened with his colleague from the Chinese laundry in Vitebsk-Zhang Zhai Yao and Vitebsk guard Wang Kui Lynam. But the point is not that they are Chinese and that spied for the land of the rising sun. Fact, it Vitebsk and the end of May 1938. Currently viewing.
Vahimyak Anton, a Finn, a locksmith ship repair workshops in the city of Vitebsk. Sentenced May 25, 1938 to capital punishment as intelligence agent Finland. Shot in Vitebsk bullpen.
Dates are practically identical. Finns and Chinese in Vitebsk caught and shot immediately as spies, respectively Finland Land of the Rising Sun, whose interests this time and in this place have been presented is not very extensive — how many of those Finns and Chinese in Vitebsk! But just picture supplement dozens of Germans and Latvians and Poles Vitebsk hundred square meters, respectively, that spied for Germany, Latvia and Poland. At the moment, the party line of individual dots connected in bold reddish band that for a week or a month in the city of Vitebsk transformed true state massacre. This means that the town has been a distinct setting or even company. People of other nationalities caused suspicion, despite the universal internationalism and toddler Negro in favor of popular comedy "Circus."

After all, who even slightly familiar with the history and geography, see that espionage in favor of Lithuanian and Latvian contrary, Latvians in favor of Lithuania, likely as nonsense, but not as an extended phenomenon of his time

Blacks in the KGB-dominated lists I have never met. Yet. But many Lithuanians beheld. In contrast to the Polish agents, among which only meet the Poles, and the majority of Belarusians, the spies and the Lithuanian nationality, usually Lithuanians. Who else can occur in the midst of Lithuanian spies, so it Latvians, as, incidentally, on the contrary — Latvian spies referred to Lithuanians. But this, of course, any clerical NKVD, a total geographical cretinism, which hitherto uncommon in their heads. After all, who even slightly familiar with the history and geography, see that espionage in favor of Lithuanian and Latvian contrary, Latvians in favor of Lithuania, likely as nonsense, but not as an extended phenomenon of his time.
In general, what we have here is not nonsense …
Ivan Moskalevich, Belarusian, farmer, born in 1913, a farmer on the farm "Young Guard" Ilyansky Minsk region. Convicted July 8, 1950 a "special meeting" for 5 years camp "for spying for Britain."
This British spy, without a passport worked the sticks in Belarusian farm obviously not Shtirlits. Yes, and the recipient of espionage had enough exotic. That our farms teemed with spies almost Polish, German and Latvian, it’s understandable. For the world is near. Another suit is rare. Quite recent phenomenon in our collective first 1950 became South American spies. And the punishment for their pioneering invented — forced healing in psychiatric clinic. Vincent received such vyrok Ivanovich Chernetzky Rogalevshchyna village of Volozhin district, farmer farm named after Rokossovskogo. February 6, 1952, he was sent to the Leningrad prison psychiatric clinic of the USSR.
Another common accusation — for sabotage activities. Who and what harm Alexander Gavrilchik foreman farm in the village Loshnitsa Borisov district, we never know. Well, it is not clear that he there to add water or milk steal spikelets. Scale is not one. Alexander Gavrilchik Belarusian, from farmers in 1907 was the deputy of the State Duma s convocation. And later on the farm Stakhanovists captured the title, went to the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in 1929. And then, in 1937, co
ndemned it as obvious harmful foreman and 16 October in Minsk slammer shot …

When the collective and state farms were infested with foreign spies practically means and municipal mysteries there was a huge amount of countless

When the collective and state farms were infested with foreign spies practically means and municipal mysteries there were countless huge amount. Not surprisingly, that met in the midst of the villagers not only razvedak agents, and those who simply could not keep his mouth shut. And, of course, coming under closer sight of the respective bodies. This happened with Grigory Vasilevich peas from the village Olekshitsy Lahoisk district. He worked as a bookkeeper at the farm "Komsomolets". In 1936, received a three-year Siberian prison for divulging state secrets (state Enigma). Such a sentence, just before, in 1925, gave Ivan Kazimirovich Ilyukevich, peasant from the village Kovaltsy Koydanovskogo district.
Feature kartatechnyh curiosities, not only in that they evoke the era before us prison and executions, and that there are bridges between them, and we litsezreem the laws that operated in Belarus at the time and are still being felt in the present days of . We have not once will turn to "joke of fate", because, in fact, monotonous KGB-dominated file cabinets only these "jokes" and there — alive truth about time.

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